Halloween Havoc Spooktacular! – S04, EP09

The gang looks to this evening’s Halloween Havoc card with predictions, hopes for a speedy recovery for both Elite Adams,...

No Scissoring on Monday Nights – Season 4, Episode 8

We took a short break and the news cycle seemed to calm down a bit, but the Dark Match runs...

Episode 7: The Ocho – Season 04, Episode 7

The Ocho: yes, we know Spanish, or at least a little, and have a translator. Lots of rasslin’ fun this...

Peacemaker Vs. Robocoop

The Dark Match talks about that thing that everyone has talked about at length, then makes a plea for the...

Apologies to Mr. Kingston – Season 04, Episode 05

After dedicating so much love to the UK’s Will Ospreay last week, we apologize to the Mad King for neglecting him, then recap Clash at the Castle and look forward to an incredibly long day of World’s Collide and All Out.

Will Ospreay is a Stud – Season 04, Episode 04

We second what Taz had to say about the British import, but let’s be real, we focus pretty heavily on...

 Eddie Forever – Put Eddie on the cover of AEW Fight Forever – S04 EP03

The DM hits a busy week coming off Summerslam and Ric Flair survived.  Plus Video Games!!!!

Friend of the Show, Phil Brooks – Season 04, Episode 02

Friend of the Show Phil Brooks: Not really, but honestly given the year in pro wrestling/sports entertainment that has been,...

Previously on Wrestling – Season 04, Episode 01

Season 04 – Episode 01 – Previously on Wrestling: The Dark Match is back, fresh from a much needed hiatus,...

Head Peeking Out – Season Finale – Season 03, Episode 29

After giving a shout out to Steven Woodley, friend of the show and Alpine, WY resident, we hit the highs...

Will Smith Vs. The Blackpool Combat Club – Season 3, Episode 28

The Dark Match breaks down the Rock slap heard round the world, then runs down the most stupendous, exhilarating, biggest...

LA Knights of the Renaissance Fair

A lot of wrestling in the week that was, but a women’s cage match ended up being the only truly...

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