The Dark Match is Taking a Hiatus

Greetings Dark Match Fans,

We want to first take the opportunity to thank you for all your support of our site, social media presence and podcast since we started this thing a couple of years ago.  We have loved the opportunity to have an outlet to discuss that thing we all love so much, professional wrestling.

Secondly, I want to point out that there is so much good in the wrestling world right now.  The Elite are doing amazing things with independent wrestling, Impact has been on a massive uptick since their new ownership started righting the ship, New Japan is having more and more of a presence domestically, and in case you’ve missed it, there are fantastic smaller promotions popping up all over the place.  Google for those in your area, you can normally see pretty good wrestling shows for like $5 if you make an effort to find them.

That being said, we’re going to take a brief hiatus, probably until the first of the year.  In what was hailed as an “oh my god” moment during Hell in a Cell last night, Brock Lesnar turned up yet again, and I simultaneously checked out completely.  This site was meant to be fun, and it has sort of devolved into what every other wrestling based website on the internet has, a forum for our bitterness to pour out.  I don’t want to be yet another site that relentlessly badmouths the WWE.  The WWE has the potential to be fun, it really does, and even they are doing a lot of things right.  Just look at NXT and 205 Live.  They have the potential to right the ship, and quickly, but for a brief period, we think it best to take the additional task of trying to present you with quality content without constantly bitching out of the equation.  With 205 Live moving to Wednesday nights with NXT, there’s a distinct possibility I start watching WWE’s Wednesday lineup and Impact on Thursday nights, just for something a little different, something that doesn’t take itself so overwhelmingly serious and even in its seriousness never makes any effort to fix the things so obviously wrong with it.

If you’re pleased with what you’re getting from the biggest company in “sports entertainment,” I am in no way indicting your opinion or pleading with you to cease supporting it.  Hold on to that love as tightly as you can for as long as you can.  I truly wish I felt like you do, but until I find the level of excitement in it that I once did, I can’t continue to write articles trying not to be another Dave Meltzer (fuck that guy) who thinks it’s ok to crap on everything under the sun that isn’t coming out of Japan, including women and their body images.  (For the record, Peyton Royce is beautiful and Meltzer looks like someone beat Edward James Almos with a barbed wire 2×4, so I don’t know why he even thought for a minute he could question anything about her appearance)

During our hiatus, we’re going to continue watching all sorts of wrestling, and we’re going to look for that spark again, we’re going to find new ways to bring exciting content different from the 4,200 other wrestling sites and podcasts you can find if you look, and we’re going to come back better than ever and write HAPPY WRESTLING  CONTENT!

We’re ALL IN on this thing (puns!!).  Thanks for being there with us, we’ll be back before you know it.

Matt and Jeremy
The Dark Match Team