This Recap Ain’t Sh*t – A Raw Recap for 6/25/18

When does a recap become a preview?  For one, it’s when you get too busy and don’t even get around to watching the episode until the day before the new one.  Last week’s Raw took place…somewhere.  Does it really matter?  It happened on Moon Base Alpha 4 in Baltimore, Maryland.

You Ain’t Sh*t

After months of will they, won’t they with this Sasha and Bayley angle, they were forced into another multi-women match together.  The hugger and the Boss joined Ember Moon to take on the Riott Squad.

Sasha lost again.  This time Bayley had enough, attacking her in the most real looking beat down I’ve seen in WWE.  And Bayley had a message for Sasha, “You ain’t shit.”  It’s was bleeped almost everywhere but some feed in Australia.

These two ladies finally overcame the terrible storyline that’s stopped and started for so many weeks now.  And in the week that Team Hell No showed back up, Bayley is ordered to go to their old therapist.  

Other Stuff

  • Braun wants to be KO’s friend now.  He asked for a tag match with him and KO Vs. Balor and Constable Corbin.  They won but Braun attacked Kevin anyway.  And just when KO was trying to leave the area, he found his car flipped.
  • The multi-man match to determine the #1 contender is no longer happening because of some contractual issue with Brock.  Bob and Joe (Roman) bicker about it.  The Revival came out to capitalize and book themselves into a tag match.  Bob & Joe were unable to get on the same page, allowing Dash Wilder to get a clean roll-up on Roman Reigns.
  • Alexa Bliss fought Natalya.  I honestly don’t remember who won.  I want to say Natayla won after a distraction from a returning Nia Jax?  Maybe I made it up?  I’m not quite sure.
  • I watched the Hulu edit so this is what I think happened:
    • The B-Team got a win on Golddust and Mojo Rawley.  Why Are Goldie and Mojo teaming?  It doesn’t make any sense but neither does WWE.
    • Okada shows up to challenge Big Show and Shaq in a Triple Threat match at Summerslam.  Yes, that’s right.  That’s why he dropped the belt to Omega at Dominion.  Little Kazu is in the WWE for a stellar first feud.
    • Authors of Pain defeated Patterson & Brisco in a surprise return from the old dudes.
    • Kid Rock played a 5 song set.
  • There was probably something else in the Hulu edit but I forgot.