The Road to War Games Seem Paved With War Games – NXT Recap – 11/1/2017

Before we get into the recap for today’s NXT episode, I want to take a moment of silence, if we can, for the victims of the horrific attack in New York City yesterday afternoon.  It is with a heavy heart that we press on in a world so torn and divided, but it is the only thing that keeps terror from truly winning.  So, before we get into our very brief recap of the NXT action so that you can keep up with what happened heading into TakeOver: War Games, please take a moment to appreciate the things you have in this life and acknowledge that it could all be lost in an instant, for seemingly no reason.  

Thank you, and may the Seven Deities protect your vessels.

The Happenings of Wednesday, November 1, 2017’s Episode of NXT

  • Nikki Cross defeated Taynara Conti.  I’m not sure why this is a feud, as Conti hasn’t been technically included as part of The Undisputed Era, and she wasn’t necessarily impressive in the Mae Young Classic, but anything that keeps Nikki Cross on TV is fine by me because she’s a bad ass, and arguably the most complete character on the brand right now.
  • Johnny Gargano dropped a massive upset loss to Fabian Aichner.  I’m starting to wonder if they’re determined to put Gargano and Ciampa back together, with Gargano accepting an apology upon the return of his former partner because they need each other.
  • Drew McIntyre thinks he’s going to get his face to face challenge from Almas, and he comes out to sign a contract for the match.  Almas instead attacks McIntyre, leaving him downed as he signs the contract and leaves.  I could think of better built opponents for a big TakeOver event, such as Aleister Black, but Almas is impressive in the ring so they should put on a good title match.  This one is all about War Games anyway, so this match will be of limited consequence in a few weeks.
  • AoP defeat Sanity in the Tag Title Rematch via Disqualification, meaning Sanity retains, when The Undisputed Era attack Sanity mid-match.  Massive brawl.  Roderick Strong came out and put on the arm band from last week but turned on Cole.  Undisputed Era proceeded to beat him down, but AoP come back to make the save.  While we’re all well aware of the War Games match, it’s finally announced on the show, as Sanity will face The Undisputed Era and the seemingly unlikely team of AoP and Roderick Strong.  I can see AoP and Strong getting the win in that one since the belts won’t change hands, although my pick is easily going to be The Undisputed Era.  You don’t pay that much to get Adam Cole BayBay and not build him up.
  • Heavy Machinery won a squash match.  Please do something with these guys.  I’d love a dark match where they wrestle Street Profits, even if I anticipate them taking a loss because for some reason Street Profits are a thing.  I don’t understand them.  They have an appeal though so if you’re a fan, please help me get it.  I get hung up on whether or not they are using the wrong form of Profits, and I stay stuck there for the two minutes of whatever squash match they get to have.
  • Kairi Sane defeated Billie Kay in a build match for War Games.  She looked great, and will look great in Houston.  I still want Nikki Cross to get that belt though.

That’s your NXT.  Like what you saw?