Drew Gulak Saves Halloween – 205 Live Recap – 10/31/3017

I’m not wasting any time, because my new hero wouldn’t.

That’s right, our savior Drew Gulak has prepared for us a special Halloween POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!!!!!  While he is inevitably interrupted by Akira Tozawa so the two can have a match, Gulak did hit on two very important notes for Halloween:

Rule 1) No Candy.  Gulak wants the WWE Universe to know that they wouldn’t be fat with rotted teeth if they would stop eating candy.  Instead, he recommends a sweet potato to curb your sweet tooth, as it is rich in potassium.

Rule 2) No Trick or Treating.  Gathering in groups and saying trick or treat at a doorstep is, essentially, chanting, and the most basic rule to follow in any Drew Gulak Powerpoint Presentation is no chanting, so you shouldn’t trick or treat.  I guess you could trick or treat as a mime, then you wouldn’t be able to talk, but I’m getting off focus.

There was a match, and Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak via the diving senton.  Don’t worry though, my faith in Drew Gulak is not shaken.  He is my hero.

Given the constant claims that Rich Swann is a clown, you had to anticipate where this was going.  Both Alexander and Swann came out in clown makeup, Swann in full clown costume, to the same ridiculous entrance music and video that the clown Kendrick sent after Gallagher did about a month and a half ago.  It was kitschy, and given the fact there was a Trick or Street Fight Fatal Four way that closed out this show, it was unnecessarily so.  In any event, both these guys are solid, Swann may have broken Kendrick’s nose when he landed knee first to the face of The Man With The Plan coming off the middle rope with the Phoenix Splash, which earned him the pinfall.  

Sorry.  In the last segment I referred to it as a Trick or Street Fight.  I guess they didn’t want to copy what Raw did the night before.  In any event, our Fright Night Fatal Four Way was an entertaining bout.  Tony Nese continues to impress me, his character is awesome and he does great with the little time that he’s given to actually be a character, not just a meathead.  Him taunting the crowd that “you don’t get these eight reasons eating candy” was fantastic.  The thumb tack bag came out in this one, only to be revealed as a bag filled with candy corn.  In the end, Mustafa Ali used a witches broomstick to amp up a diving legdrop on Ariya Daivari, getting the first pinfall and the win.

That was your Halloween episode of 205 Live.  It wasn’t groundbreaking, but I love that these guys are coming into their own as characters and the crowds don’t seem to be leaving in mass like they were in the earlier days of Smackdown leading into 205 Live.  Entertaining, as always.  Watch it.