31 Faces of Fear: Kevin Sullivan & The Army of Darkness

For the month of October, we are going to run through some of our favorite wrestlers that inspire fear in their competitors and fans alike.

I mostly know him as a backstage booker he was one of the first to take on an demonic gimmick.  He had notable feuds with Blackjack Mulligan and Dusty Rhodes.  For someone with a generic Southern wrestler body, he had a gimmick that was very…notable.  The only entrance I could find didn’t have any sound.  You can get the picture from the promo below:

Fun fact: Bray Wyatt is Blackjack Mulligan’s grandson.  In a way, Bray kind of inherited the modern day version of Kevin Sullivan’s gimmick.  It’s too bad that we are in the PG era…

Michele and I went to the Pacific Coast Wrestling last night and guess who showed up?  It was Kevin Sullivan himself! He was there to confront Terry Funk and tell him that he’s too old and washed up.  Terry proceeded to get busted open because The Funker will never quit/die.  Sullivan was wearing a satanic shirt so I guess this is the era he’s working from.