Shame on you, Birmingham – 205 Live Live – July 18, 2017

I am live in Birmingham, Alabama, God’s Country, that land that I love, but seriously, shame on you damn people. 205 Live is a gem and I’m forced to watch the ungrateful masses bail early. Did you miss when he said “Cena & Orton vs Mahal & Rusev”, if for no other reason please sit your ass down.

Sample size:

Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Mustafa picks up an early pinfall, which is usually a little off putting, but it’s Ali. I’m actually pretty surprised the show kicked off with this. Gulak got more aggressive and brutal as we moved into the second of three falls. But again, it’s Ali, and he took the fight to the floor, even tying a camera Cable up in a hurricanrana.  Drew Gulak, as expected, would pick up the second fall via submission.  Ali nursed a neck injury throughout the third fall of the match.  This is a wrestling match. For those of you who pay attention, this was a clinic in every possible piece of wrestling. Gulak again squeamishly went to the top, and Ali made him pay with a hurricanrana to reverse 450 Splash combination. Mustafa Ali wins in 3 Falls.

The Brian Kendrick vs Random Jobber

The jobber is from England.  So there is a less than fruitful promo meant to crap on Gallagher, but the match definitely does what it is meant to do, build up Kendrick, who draws a submission in seemingly no time  Kendrick wins via Submission with the Captains Hook.

Lengthy recap of the Dar-Alicia Fox breakdown.

Interview with TJP for some reason that has no purpose tonight, mostly because it’s a recap of him being a douche last week.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Tozawa is still working the shoulder injury going into the match, which to be completely honest, I want it to cost him and I want Daivari to work his way into the title hunt.

Daivari leads off with a Jinder-esque promo where the Minnesota native speaks his native language and trash talks the other nations of the world. He might as well be Joe Mauer because seriously we don’t need another of these characters.

Titus is not at ringside.

Daivari takes advantage of the arm, as could be expected, but there is no quit in Tozawa. I’m not going to lie, this match was a little questionable. Basically it said that Tozawa could beat one of the best on the roster with one arm but he never seems to beat Neville. Kinda ridiculous. Could have worked this two ways. Anyway, Tozawa wins via roll up. 

See you tomorrow night for McIntyre vs Killian Dane for the Number One Contendership on NXT.