The Dark Match Predicts NXT TakeOver Chicago

Initially I thought this was a dumb excuse to have TakeOver on the weekend of a SmackDown PPV.  Now I’m thinking that this could be the best show of the weekend…and I’m going to my first PWG show in Reseda tonight.  I’m extremely excited for some British Strong Style in the UK Championship Match and that Ladder match!

I also like that NXT is operating their TakeOver in a bigger city than WWE Backlash.  It really does emphasize that it’s a separate brand.

Let’s get to it!

Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young

Jeremy:  I knew Strong was an Indy darling but I’ll have to admit that I didn’t get his appeal.  He looks like an actor you’d hire to be in a movie about an All-American Pro Wrestler.  Whoever decided to do those vignettes on Roddy’s life deserves a raise.  He is that All-American Pro Wrestler but with a heartbreaking backstory.  I’m now invested in him.  I recommend checking out the videos (Part 1 and Part 2) for yourself.  That being said, I think Roderick only wins this by DQ.  Eric Young is unhinged and I think this feud goes on at least until the next TakeOver.

Matt:  I could kind of go either way here.  Roddy has been getting the video package promotion of late, but it seemed odd that he just ended up losing to Itami in the number one contenders match.  He’s kind of their new Tye Dillinger.  Speaking of Dillinger, this match could be the sort of “build him back up” victory that Young needs, as they had him drop the farewell match to the Perfect 10 which was kind of a disservice to Young and Sanity honestly.  I’d expect this to just turn into a Sanity beatdown on Roderick, giving him the DQ victory as Jeremy predicted, and most likely we’ll get to see both Ohno and No Way Jose come out to make the save as they aren’t on the card anywhere else, and No Way has some unfinished business with Sanity anyway.  Man, if they were a Tag Team they could be OhNo Way Jose.  I digress.  I agree with Jeremy’s prediction.

WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne

Jeremy: I don’t want to hype myself too much for this but I think it could be the match of the weekend.  I think the purpose of this match is to announce a start date for the UK show and to introduce two of the top stars.  I think Pete Dunne takes the Championship off of Bate after a long 20 minute match that the Chicago crowd goes nuts for.  Pete Dunne pins Bate after a Bitter End to become your new WWE United Kingdom Champion.

Matt:  I’m going to put this out there, and I may be the only one that thinks it but Tyler Bate is incredibly boring.  The fact they’ve left the belt with him this long is already sort of doing it a disservice as there are infinitely more entertaining people in what I guess we’re going to call the UK Division.  Pete Dunne knocks his ass out.  New UK Champion.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain vs. #DIY (Ladder Match)

Jeremy: There’s one little wrinkle in this match.  Ciampa seems to hurt his Ankle at a house show on Thursday night.  However, Trips, on a conference call, says that Tommaso is feeling good enough for the match and it will go on as scheduled at this point.  He did add the caveat that they are preparing a replacement match or competitor if Ciampa can’t be cleared.  I’m going to go on with the assumption that the match is happening.  I think Gargano and Ciampa become your NXT Tag Team Champions yet again.   A ladder match seems well suited towards them.  I can’t imagine AoP climbing the ladders to retain.  A loss in a ladder match also allows them to still be undefeated in pinfall or submission.  Again, assuming it happens, it’s going to be one hell of a match.  And yes, I know there’s rumors that #DIY are splitting soon.  I just refuse to believe it’s a possibility.

Matt:  They’re not taking the belt off AoP anytime soon

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross

Jeremy:  I think if Ember Moon didn’t get injured, we’d have a new NXT Women’s Champion.  She’d pin Riot or Cross and we’d have a one-on-one Championship rematch at TakeOver Brooklyn III.  But that only happened in an alternate universe where Moon didn’t get hurt.  I think Asuka retains after submitting Ruby Riot.  These ladies could very well bring the house down.

Matt:  Goldberg will be shown at ringside as Asuka establishes the new undefeated streak record.  Asuka retains.

NXT Champion Bobby Roode vs. Hideo Itami

Jeremy: Hideo Itami wins with a GTS in Chicago to troll all the CM Punk fans and become your new NXT Champion.

Matt:  I don’t think any belts change hands on this show.  Bobby Roode is not going to lose this belt, there’s a greater chance of Itami suffering some other devastating injury.  I’m going to be completely honest, Itami is great and all but the dude is clearly made of glass.  This should be Roode and Strong, Itami shouldn’t just get thrown into title matches as a reward every time he gets through six weeks without an injury.  It’s ridiculous.  Bobby Roode shows Chicago all his glory.

Random Predictions and Final Thoughts

Jeremy: It’s rumored that the PWG show will be Adam Cole’s last.  I expect him to be in the audience in Chicago just like Drew McIntyre and Booby Roode in previous TakeOvers.  I really don’t know much about Adam Cole, except for his shared affinity with Heath Slater for saying “Bay Bay.”  I’ll guess I find out tonight!

Matt:  This will be a good show.  AoP-#DIY could easily steal the weekend.