Shinsuke’s Gonna Kill You – Smackdown and 205 Live Recap (April 4)

The sold out Amway Center was on fire last night for #SmackdownAfterMania with The Dark Match on hand.  And boy did we get a treat.

Strong Style has come to Smackdown

So, let’s for a moment ignore the fact that Shinsuke was introduced during a Miz promo, a Miz promo that was actually ok considering he’s still harping on the fake Cena-Bella thing, actually coming to the ring to Cena’s theme song and both dressed as their It-Couple counterparts, when the violinist started and the place erupted.  Shinsuke came to the ring for what appeared to be the beginning of a program with Miz, but Miz and Maryse just disappeared and Shinsuke danced around the ring to the thunderous applause.  It was strange.  But we’ve got Shinsuke on Smackdown now, hell yes.  (Side note:  A dark match followed 205 Live where Nak took on Ziggler in a good match.  Not only was it a great gift for the crowd that hung around for Smackdown and stayed through 205 Live, but it served as a great reminder of just how good Ziggler can be.)

Dillinger is here too!!!!!

Yes, he was sent out against glorified enhancement talent Curt Hawkins, but he had a great match and got his own thunderous ovation.  I’m really glad that if these two were getting called up, they’re both on Smackdown.  Raw got a real pull with The Revival, but damn, Smackdown’s already fantastic roster just got two major shots in the arm.  What the hell is the point in this “Superstar Shakeup” again?

The Joiner and the Jaded

Randy Orton opened the show, new champ, can’t beat ’em, join ’em, screw ’em, beat their ass at Wrestlemania.  Lights fade and the Bray Wyatt special (boiler room promo) begins.  He challenges Orton to a House of Horrors match, with no explanation of what it is, and then appears from under the ring.  As he attacks, Erick Rowan appears  to aid him.  Luke Harper runs in for the save.  Harper had a huge following in the crowd last night, which was great to see.  This guy is seriously talented.  So what do you do when you have four superstars brawling in an opening segment?  That’s right, Teddy Long that card Playa.  Tag Team Match.

Solid match all around, Orton was getting booed pretty heavily.  As if the last month and a half didn’t happen, Bray Wyatt has returned to his losing ways, and he eats a big boot from Harper into an RKO for the loss.  They did so much in such a short time to build Wyatt back up as this supernatural bad ass, then they had him lose in spite of it at Mania.  Just weird decision making.  I’d like to know what a House of Horrors match is.

All the Rest:

  • Shane McMahon sort of mentioned the Superstar Shakeup before he was interrupted by AJ Styles, who both professed a desire to stay on Smackdown, as the House that AJ Styles built would be incomplete without AJ Styles, and shake Shane’s hand for the fight he put up at Wrestlemania.
  • Baron Corbin defeated Dean Ambrose in a non-title street fight, because seeing them have more matches with no stakes doesn’t automatically scream Corbin wins from the get go.
  • Naomi successfully defended her title against Alexa Bliss who cashed in her rematch clause.  Enjoy Raw Alexa, they kind of need you over there.
  • American Alpha defeated The Vaudevillains in a dark match before the show.  Now I have found out I’ve seen Simon Gotch’s last WWE match as well, as he was released today (reported to be mutual, which makes sense).

205 Live continues to be some of the best wrestling WWE is presenting that nobody is watching.  What’s better, while they have an obligation to maintain some sort of program with Neville and Aries, particularly with the eye rake for the victory at Mania, they have not faltered in their realization of exactly what kind of amazing talent they have in Mustafa Ali and keep him heavily featured of late.  This episode was no exception to any of that.

  • Austin Aries defeated Mustafa Ali, Jack Gallagher and TJP in a fatal four way match to determine the new Number One Contender for Neville’s crown.  It’s the same as the old Number One Contender, but this match was well performed by all involved, even though TJP is super lame.
  • Rich Swann defeated Oney Lorcan.  El Vagabundo was nowhere in sight, Lorcan didn’t really get much of a reaction either.
  • Akira Tozawa taught The Brian Kendrick lesson number one, as he faked and injury to lure Kendrick in.  This is going to go on forever isn’t it?
  • Five of the more popular members of the UK tournament were introduced, but none of them had a match and while I didn’t watch back the televised version with commentary, I see no indication that there was any real point to it except that they had all been flown in, so might as well make them show up for something other than Axxess.  Bate still holds the belt, but I’m pretty sure Trent Seven and Pete Dunne are the stars of this division already, based on their ovations.

That’s your WWE Tuesday.  It wasn’t necessarily filled with substance, and I’m probably just super high on being there for that Nak entrance.