Jeremy’s Predictions for Roadblock: End of the Line

Tonight’s the end of the line for probably one of the strangest years in wrestling.  I was more hyped for SmackDown’s TLC but tonight’s show still promises to be good.  I’m flying solo tonight as Matt is recovering from a holiday party.


First off, not a prediction, but I’m excited to see Sam Roberts (of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show on Sirius XM) joining the kickoff panel.  I’m a little sad that Lawler and Lita are no longer on the show.  Having outside guys, though, brings a different level to the panel and it doesn’t seem like such a manufactured waste of time.

Rusev Vs. Big Cass (Kickoff Match)

On one hand, I’m a little surprised that this is on the kickoff, given how much time they’ve devoted on Raw to the Enzo storyline.  But on the other hand, I think it’ll actually be an exciting match with real stakes at hand.  That’s a good way to get people to tune into the show.  As far as the match goes, I think Rusev winning here would be more interesting.  Rusev winning prolongs the feud just a bit longer and I think it’ll be crucial to give these guys something to do until mid-January.  I think if Cass wins, the feud is done.  Also, Cass is proven that he’s a big dumb babyface, so I can see him easily getting distracted by some Lana shenanigans.  Rusev wins, but with something screwey.

The New Day Vs. Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Championship

Cesaro and Sheamus have almost done it several times now.  The New Day has broken the record.  I’m expecting this to start the show and the New Day to be former tag team champs.  For the finish, I think we have Cesaro finishing off Kofi with the Gotch Neutralizer while Sheamus hands out Brogue Kicks to Big E and Xavier.

Braun Strowman Vs. Sami Zayn (10-Minute Time Limit)

I think this is simple.  Braun is going to beat the shit out of Sami for 10-minutes, but not get a pinfall or submission on the underdog from the underground.  It protects both characters that way.  No Contest via time limit reached.

TJP Vs. The Brian Kendrick Vs. Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight Championship

I think this’ll be a good match.  I’m curious how good a Triple Threat will be between these three, but I think it’s the best candidates for the match.  I think there’s a slight chance that TJP turns heel.  He’s a very bland babyface and maybe that’s something that could help him out in the short term.  But I don’t think Kendrick and TJP can handle Swann.

Seth Rollins Vs. Chris Jericho

This is the first Seth Rollins match in 17 PPVs where he’s not fighting for some sort of Championship.  That’s an impressive record.  I think Rollins wins this match and gets one step closer to Trips.  I don’t actually expect Triple H to appear tonight.  If anything, Kevin Owens tries to help again and costs Jericho the win, possibly leading to a Jericho Vs. Kevin Owens match at the Royal Rumble.  Chris is rumored to be going back on tour with Fozzy soon, so I think he’s gone after the Rumble.

Charlotte Vs. Sasha Banks in an Iron Man Match

I think Charlotte maintains her PPV record and squeaks out a victory with one pinfall or submission over Sasha.  Or, they tie. I have no idea what happens if they tie but that technically won’t give Charlotte a loss.  Either way, I expect two pinfalls or submissions each.  I’ve hated the setup for almost all of these matches.  I don’t need to know about how every match is making history.  And why did Sasha willingly put up the championship against Charlotte?  Couldn’t she have accepted a challenge from someone else?

But just forget about all that and prepare to watch a barn burner.

Roman Reigns Vs. Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship

I’m preparing for a Roman Reigns with a dual championship.  I really hate that idea, but I’m prepping for it.  I really hope that I’m wrong and Kevin retains.  I just want to keep myself from being disappointed.  I think a real tell on the ending will be determined by the victor of the Rollins/Jericho match and the position on the card.  If the women main event, I think Roman wins.  If this is the last match, I think there’s a chance that Owens retains. I really don’t know though.

Crazy Prediction

Samoa Joe shows up and somehow makes the Universal Championship match a Triple Threat.  Joe is your new Universal champion!

One can hope.