The One Where New Day Makes History – WWE Raw Recap (12/12/2016)

The December 12, 2016 episode of The Kevin Owens Show is in Philadelphia, probably so they don’t have to do much work to get the gear to Pittsburgh for Sunday.

The New Day put on a show tonight, but we’ll cover the rest first.

Monday Night Raw:

  • Braun Strowman murdered Curtis Axel, like seriously.  Sami Zayn was still trying to convince Foley to give him another shot at Strowman but he wouldn’t.
  • Sami Zayn beat Jinder Mahal (yeah, the guy from Temple of Doom).  He then further demanded Strowman or a trade to Smackdown.  Foley agreed to trade him, and let Sami know that he had reached an agreement with Daniel Bryan to trade him for Eva Marie.  This set Sami off, and he went into a rage.  Following the display of his “fire”, Foley set the match for Sunday night.
  • During a cruiserweight match (which featured the under the radar superstar Lince Dorado), Jack Gallagher came out and won the microphone moment of the night again, as he announced mid-match that he was going to interfere in the match, which he then did.  Just awesome.
  • Video Packages build to the Iron Woman match and Charlotte will get her contractural rematch.  There is no rematch clause in the IronWoman Contract.  They’ve got to move along to Bayley.
  • Cass beat the hell out of Rusev, so they’ll have a match on Sunday.
  • Bayley defeated Alicia Fox in a “We’re still giving Bayley TV time until we get to the Sasha match build” match.
  • Kendrick beat TJP, they’ll be in a triple threat match at Roadblock for the Cruiserweight Championship.
  • There was still no Emmalina.


The New Day opened the show, placing their name in the conversation with the best tag teams of all time, and they’re now the record holders.  They won a triple threat match against The Club and Cesaro-Sheamus.  Then during their celebration backstage they covered Steph in champagne, so she acted like a child as she normally does, and Kevin Owens took advantage by “helping” her come up with a creative punishment.

Owens and Jericho would get a title shot in the main event, another hurdle for New Day.  But during the announcement, on an episode of The Rollins Report, Jericho and Owens attacked Rollins, but Roman came to his aid and fended off the bad guys.  Foley doing what Foley does made it another Triple Threat Match, adding Rollins and Roman.

Xavier was in this match for a winded Kofi from earlier in the evening, and while it was a fantastic match, New Day retained as expected.

Congratulations.  As of midnight Tuesday you will have eclipsed Demolition.