Let’s Recycle Images from Sunday – Smackdown Live Recap (12/6/2016)


Tuesday Night Ellsworth, Smackdown Live from the Toyota Center in Houston (which is the home of next year’s Survivor Series), kicks off with AJ Styles, who can’t defend his title tonight against James Ellsworth because he’s in a boot after his phenomenal match against Dean Ambrose Sunday night at TLC.  He isn’t medically cleared.  So Ellsworth comes out all cocky talking about AJ Styles ducking him, which draws Ambrose from the back who just comes out, Dirty Deeds on Ellsworth, then disappears into the commercial break.


I’m so f***ing over this whole Ellsworth thing, so here’s hoping that he defends his Title Opportunity against Ambrose, Ambrose wins, then Ellsworth disappears for a while.  He can turn up for a quick appearance at Royal Rumble, but let’s get him off TV.  The nostalgia/fun factor is wearing out.  Ellsworth has been on my list for a couple of weeks now.

How it should be done


Well if you’re going to do this whole rematch clause, you might as well just knock the damn thing out the next show.  So Bray and Randy Orton are defending the newly claimed Tag Team Titles against Rhyno and Slater.

Match wasn’t as exciting as the one from Sunday night, but the Sister Abigail bailout into the RKO was pretty damn great.  I’ll take that over the Magic Killer any day.

Carmella vs Natalya

So, Sunday night at TLC, Carmella highlighted the fact that Natalya was the one that attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series.  Did you not already know that?  I sure as sh** did.  It wasn’t exactly one of the most shocking things they’ve ever done.

But Twitter feuds and all that, we get this match.  The two brawl, nothing really happens, and Natalya chases Carmella into the backstage area where Nikki Bella is waiting.  This whole segment was completely pointless.  What a waste of time.

We Don’t Get Hyped, We Stay Hyped

You Know it, Bro!

The Hype Bros get some TV time fresh off their 10-Man Tag Kickoff match from Tables, Ladders, Chairs, wherein The Hype Bros were on the winning team as American Alpha picked up the winning pin, in a match against the Ascension with some creepy new face paint.  Probably won’t mean anything, as they are sort of crap.

The Ascension put up a fight, kind of, but The Hype Bros get the Hyped Ryder for the win.  Are they the Number One Contenders now?

Miz TV with your special guest Dean Ambrose


That one isn’t recycled.  But if Ziggler comes out in this segment, I’m definitely going to recycle our TLC photo.

Tonight’s guest with Miz is Dean Ambrose.  I am hoping he’s just in the mood to storm to the ring all night and Dirty Deeds people without speaking.  It would be great if we could set up for Ambrose to go back to the IC scene instead of trying to be the Heavyweight Champ.  I hate Champ-brose.

Miz plays into the idea that Ellsworth should face Ambrose tonight, Miz puts Maryse between them and attempts to present Dean with a Participation Award for his loss on Sunday.

Well look at there, Daniel Bryan is in Houston.  So tonight, The Miz will defend his belt against Dean Ambrose in the Main Event.  Damn I’m good.

Jesus, are we really doing this again????


Like seriously, why do they insist on doing this crap?  Corbin injured Kalisto, Kalisto disappeared for months, and now they are right back to this crap.  Corbin obliterates Kalisto every time this happens.  To the point where even once Kalisto gets a win nobody is going to care, because nobody cares about this rivalry anymore.  It’s garbage.  Find something legitimate for Corbin, damn it.  JBL has been lobbying for it since the brand split.

For a while I thought this was going to be the main event.  Damn, would that have been disappointing.  They definitely played at it for the majority of the first hour.

This is becoming my new Usos.  Actually, where the hell are the Usos?  It’s sad that I’m curious to know where the Usos are because I’m bored with this.

Corbin with another End of Days.  Are you not entertained?

New Questions about Nikki Bella

Why in the hell am I supposed to care that Nikki Bella invited some little British girl named Sophia Grace to Smackdown?  Like, this vexes me almost as much as the tiny t-shirt tearing thing.

What the hell is that?

Ready, Willing and Gable

Maybe the Smackdown Tag Team division is trying to find an identity at this point.  Chad Gable will take on Tyler Breeze of The Fashion Police (AKA FaBreeze/Breezango/Soul Patch and the Beard).

This is probably the best use of Tyler Breeze since his call up.  If we want to talk about wasted talent on the rosters, Tyler Breeze has to be up there amongst the biggest.  Jason Jordan hits a suplex on Fandango on the outside, then Gable takes down Breeze in the ring for the win.

Alexa Bliss throws a party….for herself!

Damn that was a lot of pyro.  Alexa’s character is still killing it.  She embodies the #GivesNoF***s life.

Becky comes out and says she wants her rematch right now, which Alexa sort of accepts, before sliding backwards out of the ring and walking away from the challenge.  You know what the GM doesn’t like?  Champions who don’t fight.  So this will undoubtedly heat up and hopefully give these two a chance for something bigger than that kind of lackluster table match.


Smug Ass Miz vs I Need a Bathroom Ambrose

Why is this the Twitter photo for this matchup?


Ambrose pretty well owns in this match, at least until the first commercial break.  I’m going to go ahead and predict The Undertaker will return now to take revenge for the Ambrose betrayal of Team Smackdown at Survivor Series.

Coming back from the commercial break, Miz is taunting Daniel Bryan and capitalizing with the kicks in the corner.  At one point, Miz petted Ambrose’s penis.  Watch the match, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Maryse pulls Ambrose’s leg out from under him on the top rope, but Miz only gets the two count.  Ellsworth is now at ringside, so Ambrose is going to get the loss here.  Skull Crushing Finale off the distraction from Ellsworth and Miz retains.

Episode Rating:

Meh, somewhere in the C- to C+ area.  I don’t care enough to nail it down.