Happy Thanksgiving and Survivor Series Fallout Week Recap

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dark Match team!  To celebrate, here’s a superstar that debuted at the event 26 years ago:

We got back from our trip to Canada for a great weekend of wrestling.  Personally, the DIY Vs. The Revival was my favorite match.  It’s perfect storytelling.  Survivor Series surprised me in how good all the traditional matches were.  The Men’s match was stellar.

We also got back exhausted, which is why our normal Raw and Smackdown recaps haven’t gone up.  In light of that and the holiday week, I’m just going to go through a bullet point list of the most important stuff that happened.


  • Goldberg has one more title run left in him.  To do that, he has to enter the Royal Rumble.  Everybody is NEXT.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro lost their match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship when Xavier distracted the ref from Kofi tapping to the Sharpshooter.  All three commentators seemed to jump on the fact that it was cheating.  I feel like The New Day is going to turn heel to lose the titles.  Cesaro isn’t happy.  Hopefully it’s just in kayfabe and not a shoot.  I do remember Cody Rhodes mentioning that there were two other guys that were going to leave with him at the same time.  Maybe one of those guys was Claudio?
  • Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte is scheduled for next Monday on Raw in Charlotte’s hometown.  Are we getting another title switch?  No one ever seems to win in their hometown.
  • Sami Zayn was punished for losing out on bring the IC to Raw and had to face Braun Strowman.  Mick stopped the match.
  • Jericho and Kevin teased everyone with a breakup, only to warmly embrace each other.  It leads to a No DQ Universal title match between Rollins and Owens with Jericho and Reigns banned from ringside.
  • The resulting match was excellent.  There were lots of great fighting into the crowds with some excellent usage of tables and chairs.  It ended, however, when a “fan” in a Sin Cara mask attacked Rollins at ringside.  It turned out to be Y2J, of course.  Owens gave Rollins a Apron Powerbowb for the win.


  • Probably one of the best Smackdown’s of the year.  You really do owe yourself to watch it.
  • Shane is miraculously unharmed and opens the show.  He’s interrupted by wacky Ambrose who spoils the news that Ellsworth is getting a WWE contract.  Shane gives Ambrose the night off but he just keeps popping up throughout the show.
    • AJ challenges Ellsworth to a ladder match with the contract on the line.
    • Ellsworth knocks the ladder over and delivers a No Chin Music when Styles tries to get back in the ring.  AJ gets tangled in the ropes allowing Ellsworth to get the contract.
    • Ellsworth is now 3-0 with one of the best wrestlers in the world.
  • Now that Survivor Series is over, Alexa brought up the bad finish of the Glasgow title match again and is granted another shot at TLC.
  • Run-ins galore;
    • Miz and Kalisto have an IC Championship match with some nice work from both.  Corbin comes in and spoils allowing Miz to retain.  When Miz is at the top of the ramp, he receives a Superkick from Ziggler.
    • Later in the night, Corbin has to face Kane as punishment for ruining Smackdown from getting the Cruiserweights.  Kalisto comes in with a chair get revenge on Corbin
  • Nicki accuses Carmella of injuring her at Survivor Series.  They’ll settle it at TLC in a No DQ match.