NXT TakeOver: Dallas Card, Predictions


Friday night, the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center is going to be #NXTLoud.  Like insanely so, and damn good on them for bringing that Brand to the point where it is today.  Between talent, the perceived creative freedom the performers are said to have, and a women’s division that saw four of the top 25 matches of 2015 as voted on by the WWE Universe, NXT has cemented its place not just as a developmental feeding ground for the “main roster” but as its own entity entirely.

But let’s get to the meat and potatoes, the card for NXT TakeOver: Dallas.  As you’ll find in the WM32 post that will probably go up either later tonight or before lunch tomorrow, I’m going to include dream scenarios and put my own spin on creative.  I won’t do that here, predominantly because, and I’m sure Jeremy will agree, NXT may be just as much about faces and heels, favorites and Eva Marie as any other wrestling broadcast, but at the same time (with the exception of Eva or The Drifter), it never really even feels like it matters who wins the match, they’re just going to put on a great show.

Without any further delays, we’ll jump right in:

Newcomer Austin Aries will face The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin:


Matt:  I’ve heard such good things about Austin Aries, and I look forward to what he can do.  I don’t know with this one.  If you pay any attention to the internet rumor mill, particularly when it has anything to do with pro wrestling, the possibility exists that a lot of the stars of NXT (Balor, Bayley, Enzo and Cass, etc.) will be on the main roster as early as Monday.  Baron Corbin has put some time in and has developed as a pretty quality heel on this roster.  And while he may still not be the best in ring performer, I think a win here over Aries will help make him look strong as a guy that’s likely soon to be in the NXT Championship picture.  I’m picking Baron Corbin in this one, but it’s going to be a hell of a fight getting to a finish here.

Jeremy:  I’m actually going to go with Aries on this one.  I think it’s more beneficial for him to win.  I still don’t think Corbin is being called up just yet.  I don’t think New York thinks he’s 100% ready.  I think stepping in the ring with vet Austin Aries might be the last test to determine if he should make the jump.  I don’t know.  I think I’m the most indecisive about the ending of this one.  Perhaps The Lone Wolf loses, attacks Regal, gets fired, and then hired by Shane McMahon on Monday?

The Mechanics Revival (Dash & Dawson) take on American Alpha (JJ & Gable)


Matt: I’ve liked the Revival for a while.  They’re great heels, work quality matches and do solid promo work.  But this one is easy to call.  American Alpha has been steamrolling through the tag division and it’s their time.  Jordan & Gable put on a show in this one and walk away with the belts.

Jeremy: I’m ready, willing, and Gable for this matchup.  It’s American Alpha’s time.

The King of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura V El Generico himself Sami Zayn


Matt:  Another debut here for Nakamura, but he’s been the talk of any site even remotely wrestling related for quite some time.  I look forward to this one.  I think Zayn’s place on the main roster is solidified, but as the massive fan favorite that he is, it made a lot of sense to have him work this match.  I think Nakamura comes away with the victory in a “welcome to the show” match.  Expect the two to shake hands afterwards, because sportsmanship.

Jeremy:  I’m really excited about Nakamura’s debut.  Alex Riley can complain all he wants, NXT is only going to benefit with Nakamura as one of the faces of NXT.  It’s going to be a great match where both can pull out all the stops.  Nakamura will win for his debut.

The NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley V Asuka


Matt:  I was at the CFE Arena for the big NXT taping they did the Friday before the Rumble.  The crowd loves both of these two.  It’s hard not to find yourself in the “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” chant, and I’m a full grown man with a Bayley “Hugger” Shirt and slap bracelet set.  She’s fun, and she works matches, and she wears clothes.  My girlfriend loves Bayley and I think half the reason is that she’s not parading around in her underwear.  She looks like a softball player.  She’s genuinely happy to be in the ring every moment that she is in it.  And yes, I’m picking Asuka in this one, but it has more to do with a Bayley call up than anything else.  Asuka probably won’t be far behind.  Then NXT can crown a new champion, Blue Pants.  Asuka but this one is going to be a long, long portion of the event.  Lots of false finishes.

Jeremy: I had to buy a ticket to see Bayley in the ring while she was still in NXT.  I’m a little sad that I’ll probably watch her lose, but I know her heart is going to be on full display.  Asuka’s intensity is palpable.  She’s going to do great things with the championship.

The NXT Championship: The Demon Bálor V Samoa Joe


Matt: I don’t know if I’m more excited for this match or getting to experience the Demon entrance live.  I’ve got Joe all the way in this one, but it is going to be a “slobberknocker”.  When I first started watching NXT I wasn’t a big fan of Joe.  I’d known about Joe from his previous TNA and ROH stops, and the more I look back on my early NXT days, I think there’s the possibility that he viewed being in the developmental program as a demotion.  Doesn’t take long before you start to realize that NXT is just as Prime Time as getting Tyler Breeze amounts of screen time (which means to say 4 minute matches 1 Smackdown per month).  He started to evolve, he works quickly for a big guy, and this heel he has developed in to is just absolutely vicious.  Joe wins, Balor is on Raw Monday Night.

Jeremy: Demon entrance is going to be great.  Giant Texas Star on his back?  Leatherface?  We should do Demon paint predictions.  Back to the match, Joe is going to take it.  I think we will have a false finish with the Coquina Clutch and then Joe takes out Bálor with a power move of some sort.  No handshake from Joe at the completion of the match.  Joe will celebrate, leave, and we will applaud Bálor’s epic run at the helm of NXT.


Anything missing in this show?  Looks like a solid card.  Curious to know where Apollo Crews is, but maybe they’re just holding that one for a last minute announcement.  Sure seemed like he was headed for a match with The Drifter.  Join us again next time when we go through the Wrestlemania Card.





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