Yay! Bray Wyatt is cryptic again. Let’s over analyze it.

So he threatens a beast, the reaper, and the King in the latest of his MacBeth-ian promos, or Lesnar, Taker, Haitch respectively.  Let’s break this down in a way that ignores the fact that The Wyatt Family get squashed at every major event, as well as most submajor events like Fastlane and WWE Construction Delays.

But what if?  That’s what we do online, right?

So let’s say, in a non-disqualification setting like Hell in a Cell, that Shane made a deal with the devil to get control.  Wyatt family has its history with Taker, it’s an easy sell given their “we will destroy the titans of the old guard” schtick of late, they interfere and Shane wins.  This accomplishes two things.  If Taker isn’t going to hang it up after Mania, it lends to him coming back for SummerSlam again.  And he doesn’t necessarily take a loss here, so it isn’t a black mark on the Streak for him to not win.  It also gives Shane the power, be it real or just on screen.

Then, we’ll take the Beast.  No real reason for them to help Ambrose, but it makes so much sense for them to come after Brock and keep working towards an actual storyline there.  This is also a street fight.  So Ambrose gets a win with a no-DQ setting.  The Wyatt’s get to destroy the monster that mauled them.  Do they look strong enough yet?  Have they taken the Titans down?

If Shane is going to get control, be it of a Faustian deal, they’re going to want to build to a power struggle with H.  Shane and H have the capacity to carry story for a while, especially if H is no longer bound by the Authority role.  Shane is still working off the dust, I get that.  But with the face pop you’ve seen of late for H, he’s going to make one hell of a rival for the Wyatt family.  They teased a possibility of this happening on Raw a few weeks ago too, with the look Wyatt gave the title belt.

So we get to the World Heavyweight Championship match.  The Big Dawg, The Samoan Bad Ass, The Guy That Got Booed Out of Philadelphia Even With THE ROCK OUT THERE TO HELP GET HIM A POP, Roman Reigns will take on The King of Kings (see, I knew I would get it back in there) Triple H in a straight forward match for the belt.

Let’s get this out in the open really quickly.  I see the Roman Reigns appeal.  He’s attractive, so ladies like him.  He’s got kid appeal so the merch sells.  I see why they want to push him, but they’ve lost any sense of finding an organic means by which to do it.  He needs a better move set, because I’m tired of them acting like a punch or a spear are so powerful that they can decimate opponents.  Boxers go 12 rounds getting punched in the face.  Football players get speared numerous times per game and still line up for the next play.  It’s ridiculous.  Even Goldberg used the spear as nothing more than set up to a much more legitimate finisher in The Jackhammer.  It even had a bad ass finisher name.  Roman Reigns can get there, I’m not even going to promote a heel turn.  They need to ease the throttle, let him get his footing back with the crowd in the mid to upper mid card (like Cena did with the US Open Challenge), try to work away from the Shield tie that they are so hellbent on leaving him in (lose the flak jacket and send him to the ring in the Merch you need him to sell, down the ramp instead of through the crowd, and get him some new music) and stop trying to write him these, “I’m the best and I’m gonna beat your ass” promos because they don’t work when you want us to believe he is a baby face.  I don’t want him to become Cena, but “Come get some” works on so many levels because it’s heel level confidence without the idea that there’s no way of beating them, but that they’re not going to back down from the fight.  Come Get Some became the mantra of opportunity with the US Open Challenge.  That attitude is what has carried Dean Ambrose on the road to the top of the short list for the marks and casual audience alike.  We want that guy that doesn’t just tell us he’s going to beat someone’s ass but takes beatings and still won’t give up fighting.   We don’t want Superman, but I’d take a Superman that didn’t remind you he was unbeatable.  Superman still had to worry about Kryptonite.  Superman had loved ones he had to worry about.  Roman Reigns, for all the talk about providing for his family, doesn’t actually show any regard that anyone could beat him or take anything he loves away from him.  It doesn’t work.  It didn’t work for Cena, either, and that’s why the mark crowd turned on him.  And Cena was/is a hell of a better in ring performer than Reigns is.

But back to Reigns/Hunter/Wyatt.

This match has no stipulation that would eliminate the DQ.  So if you did want to ride the road to Wyatt Chaos at Mania, you don’t even have to do it with Reigns getting the belt and a day in the sun/roar of boos that even the technicians at WWE aren’t good enough to drown out with fake sound.  If the Wyatts interfere in any capacity, match ends.  If they take down H, Reigns gets a WM win but no belt.  That helps write story (and remember, Payback is only two months after Mania only on the WWE Network).  Shane plays the puppet strings in this scenario so maybe the Wyatt’s destroy them both, and that could lend itself to Reigns and Hunter having to team up for survival.  Shane has The Authority, so H is out on his own now.  Shane can make his life hell.  He’s got the Wyatt’s at his disposal to do it.

Even if Shane gets Raw, he’s not pulling all the strings, he’s a face for the camera and the audience while the real team of H and Steph do the bulk of the work behind the scenes.  I see the all too likely scenario in this instance where Roman does get the belt because of an alignment with Shane/The Wyatts.  This would only be functional if he goes full blown heel immediately after Mania on Raw.  He can hold the belt, and here’s how this works even if he gets booed out of the state of Texas over the course of two days:

If Shane/Wyatts/Roman hold all the cards, that puts H with nowhere to turn.  He’s fighting for survival, he goes where he knows they’ve got his back, NXT.  This facilitates the call ups of pretty much anyone he wants to bring.  I think you even have the S/W/R alliance draw in a woman, probably Charlotte, so that H can bring in Bayley.  And I think this all works because H is the face right now, whether they want it or not, and we will cheer the shit out of anyone who is on Team H, so the NXT team comes in to pops like crazy and can hit the ground running.

And yet, all of this speculation is for nothing if this isn’t what we all assume it is, Vince’s Magnum Opus, 110,000 at the largest Wrestlemania in history, and he’s going to quietly step away and let H actually do what H does and run shit.  NXT has exploded because he so painstakingly dedicates himself to just that, and he does it in such a way that his talent doesn’t actually want a call up, they want to stay there where they have some creative input and control, but he leads them along the path the show needs to follow.  NXT is consistently better, and for the smarks especially, we know that it is because H was left to his own devices down there.  He knows the business, he’s good at the business, so I think it’s time to let Shane be the face of the business, but let H finally start carrying it into the future.