A Day Late and a Dollar Short….But so is WWE, so here’s your NXT Recap the night after (heavy drinking)


I’d apologize, but I’m the only person that reads this anyway.

Here’s your NXT Recap and Reaction post for 3/16/2016 on 3/17/2016.  3:16 Day NXT on St. Patty’s, so it all comes round.

Long recap of the 2 out of 3 falls match.

Samoa Joe, for any matches he was kind of phoning it in early on in his NXT career, has come the hell on lately.  Sami Zayn wasn’t going to become NXT champion, because Joe most likely will at Takeover Dallas for the sake of a Balor call up with the rest of the Bulletproof Balor Club.  They’re poised to be the new NWO, it’s going to be awesome, as long as they just let them roll without having some old school chieftain like Kevin Nash at the helm.  Down the line, they could recruit a chieftain, like Big Show/The Giant, because that would make sense later on, but in the early going please just leave them be.

So now we’ve got Sami with an opening promo/he’s out in a cabbie hat so he’s likely not fighting anything.

Just know, before I shit talk, I’m so ready for Sami Vs Nakamura.  Holy shit that’s going to be awesome.

Sami did a great job of building up Joe, he did a great job of that.  Was a well conceived promo.  And Regal came out to do a solid build for the King of Strong Style just in case the NXT crowd (you know, those of us who love fucking everything great in pro wrestling) didn’t know who he was.

They both leave, and make way for my absolute favorite part of NXT in THE HYPE BROS.  They don’t get hyped, they stay hyped.  Mojo is a former NFL pro, works a crowd like crazy, and Zack Ryder is just awesome in the ring.  I’ve seen him live in 3 separate dark matches.  He and Mojo are great together, and if the “Universe” didn’t have Enzo and Cass, I’m pretty sure the Hype Bros would already be on the main roster.

They’re in the ring with jobbers, like they usually are for some reason.  So you know how this will end.

Night Rider, it’s over, as you knew it would be.

Mojo is awesome.  Get him up with Ryder at least on the Main Event/Superstars house show circuit.

Now we’ve got a lengthy promo about NXT at the Arnold Classic.  It’s sort of weird some of the people in a crowd for the Arnold Classic, but that’s a different post for a different blog.  Triple H was there with the King himself, Arnold, which I totally envy.  Arnold is the best.  There aren’t a lot of these pro-wrestlers today, especially the men, who could ever say that Arnold wasn’t a major influence on them.

And here’s my hidden true feeling, I really like that they keep trying to get Eva Marie to perform.  Her look is exactly what they want it to be, she’s incredibly well built.  But she doesn’t get any better in the ring, so yeah, she’s the got the same #redheat as Roman Reigns.

Emma/Dana are taunting De…Paz..I honestly don’t know who the hell she is.  Why did she get a backstage promo?  I also hate Emma’s stupid gloves and weird state trooper glasses.  Dana Brooke is a beast, she should get more frontline promotion.  Corey Graves even made a point to call her out for her stupid sunglasses.  I like Corey Graves again.


Anyway, much like the Hype Bros match, we know exactly what is coming here, so I won’t bother you with much, but #lolemmawinz but still not a number one contender at all, so what point is here.  Emma Lock, done.


For a while now, I feel like NXT has prided itself on working out plausible and often times great storylines for their female competitors.  But sometimes they just put them in the ring and it leads to nothing.  Emma has squashed more TV (read as Network/Hulu) competition than the Wyatt Family.  Read into that what I mean by that as you will.

A reminder that they didn’t let Enzo and Cass win the tag match at WWE Merging Delays in Toronto, which is ok, because we all know the reason…they’ll be up the night after Mania in order to get in the thick of it against New Day.

Tomaso Chiampa is facing Jesse Sorensen, whom I don’t recall previously, but he’s got a great look.  He could potentially be a US Champ if Vince gets a look at him.

Chiampa is awesome.  He’s good technically, he’s good when he just looks pissed and wants to randomly beat the hell out of a guy, he’s just awesome.

Eva Marie has a match….because that’s what people want to see.  So Nia Jax and Eva are teaming up.  It’d make sense for Asuka to just come out and beat the hell out of both of them by herself, but it won’t happen.  Eva Marie is built like a brick shithouse, but she’s so off in the ring.  She’s here, and will stay here, because she’s their face of Total Divas.  AND YAY HERE COMES BAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to be so sad when Bayley goes main roster and they ruin her character completely.

It would be fucking cool to see how many of those inflatable wavy arm guys they can get around the ramp/stage on Raw.  Bayley is super adorable, and she puts on a great show.

Why did they team Nia Jax with Eva Marie?  Nia Jax is the slowest competitor in ring that WWE has.  She moves slower than Big Show.  Would it not make more sense, if you’re trying to get Eva over, to utilize the same Roman Reigns-Ambrose formula they tried to use?  Are they afraid it will go the same way and their secondary character will become the fan favorite?  Who would you team Eva with, Dana Brooke?  It would work, I think.  It would work better than yet another of the Rock’s Samoan family that aren’t ever going to be as talented or charismatic as he is.

Asuka barely participated, which is disappointing.  I would like to watch short Asuka just obliterate Nia Jax with those kicks.

Regal back out again to announce some more Dallas card.  Talks up Bayley, then talks up Asuka, makes sense, since he finishes his thought by putting them against each other for the NXT Women’s Championship, to which Asuka got a bigger pop from the Full Sail crowd which I did not see coming.  Sorry, Bayley, but that title is going back to Orlando with Asuka while you’re waiting around in Dallas for Monday Night Raw.  So maybe I’m not sorry.

Baron Corbin promo, not that anything is going to happen on this show, because Corbin won’t wrestle Aries until Takeover.  Corbin better win too.  Aries looks like a B-Rate Porn Star.  Corbin is a quality heel character and a solid in ring performer.  His promos need work because he sort of sounds like an idiot most of the time, but Corbin needs to come out of Takeover with this win to keep up his push, because he and Joe could run a great great great program leading into whatever Takeover is next.

American Gladiators Vs the Old Farts….sorry…..American Alpha Vs The Vaudvillains for the tag team number one contendership.

A decent back and forth, Jordan and Gable are great and the fans love them, and when put across from a really talented group in Gotsch and English, they can truly shine.

American Alpha will meet The Mechanics (do not correct me) at Takeover: Dallas.

What do you think?  I’m giving it a B.  Asuka could have gotten more time in the ring if they would inevitably give her a title shot, and most of your matches here were squashes.  Even 25 minutes later I don’t remember who The Hype Bros faced.