We take a shot at predicting NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4

I’m (Jeremy) am super bummed that I won’t be able to watch this live but it’s going to be a good one.  It might be hard to live up to last year’s though.

I (Matt) don’t need much of anything beyond EC3-Velveteen to know this is going to be one hell of a damn show.

EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream

Matt: There’s something truly beautiful to behold in everything that Velveteen does.  He’s intensely over and it is entirely authentic and organic.  He’s built this himself.  EC3 came in with the buzz, and since I am not wildly versed in Impact, I’m not familiar with much of his past work, but I’ve been on board since his theme hit the first damn time.  The promos, the build, everything about this has been perfectly executed and there is a distinct possibility that this match sets the tone for the entire weekend, and is just as unlikely to be outdone as the Usos-New Day kickoff show match from last year was.  I certainly wouldn’t want to kick off 100 hours of wrestling with this, everything that follows it will have a hell of a time even coming close.  EC3 gets the win here, as he’s likely on the short list of next contenders for the title, but Velveteen will still find a way to tear the house down even in a loss.  I think I’m anticipating his ring attire even more than I am any of the wrestling to come this weekend.

Jeremy:  Like seemingly ever Velveteen Dream Takeover Match, he’s paired against someone I think is equally awesome.  It’s weird that I always remember Dream winning when he’s actually lost quite a few of these.  It’s just because he’s managed to get more over with each match.  For this one, EC3 is going to take it but Dream will get even more over.

NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed ERA vs. Moustache Mountain

Matt: I’m torn here as well.  I’ve been reading rumors that Adam Cole is on his way up sooner rather than later, so if there’s a chance it is coming between Summerslam and Survivor Series, I’d imagine Undisputed ERA will have to drop belts here.  On the other hand, O’Reilly is just as capable of carrying the otherworldly douchebaggery of UE with or without Adam Cole Bay Bay.  In spite of my Trent Seven fanboy ways, I’m going with The Undisputed Era to retain, through some heelish tomfoolery.

Jeremy:  Is it me or does Kyle look like he has a black eye in this shot?  These guys are going to tear the house down.  I’m going with Moustache Mountain for the win.  Sure, Trent and Tyler are working for the UK show now, but they deserve to win the tag championships on one more time.  Tyler hits the Tyler Driver ’97 on Kyle to become 2-time NXT Tag Team Champions.

NXT North American Champion Adam Cole vs. Ricochet

Matt: Ricochet is hurt, so there’s little chance that they’re going to put a belt on him he might just as soon have to surrender.  I don’t imagine Ricochet taking a clean loss, but all the same, Adam Cole Bay Bay.

Jeremy:  Damn.  NXT really knows how to book matches where I don’t know how to pick them.  It’s hard to pick against Richochet, but I already took the Tag Championship for TUA.  Adam Cole retains through some help from a returning Bobby Fish.  I don’t know why Fish helps Cole here and not Kyle and Roderick, but that’s all I got.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane

Matt: It’s hard to see how they’ll go here.  I hate Shayna, I truly do, but her promo work is kind of coming along and she’s getting at least a little bit more entertaining in the ring (you know, because she’s learning in the developmental brand as opposed to fucking PPV events, but that’s a conversation for tomorrow).  As much as I would like to think that Sane pulls off another win over the QoS here like she did in the MYC last year, I think there’s a much better chance that they bring both the NXT and Raw Women’s Championships to play when they get to the Four Horsewomen showdown that is now being rumored for Survivor Series.  Shayna will retain, if not for the sake of the Horsewomen thing, then simply because everyone in WWE has such a fucking hard on for MMA athletes right now.  It’s annoying as hell, but that’s the world we live in.

Jeremy:  I think Shayna retains here?  I don’t really have a strong opinion why.  Maybe Matt has a stronger idea here.  Kairi goes to sleep.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano (Last Man Standing Match)


Jeremy:  I am kind of bummed that Black is hurt and unable to participate in this match.  It would have been a nice extra ingredient to the Ciampa/Gargano story.  That being said, I’m sure this is going to tear the house down once more.  I don’t see how they can top the last two outings but I know they’re going to try.  I want to see Johnny fail once more.  It’s interesting to see the depths he will go to.  I don’t think he’ll ever go heel, but he’ll be tempted by it.  The Bald Guy wins through something dastardly to retain the NXT Championship.

Johnny will win the title at NXT War Games II because I’ll selfishly be there.

Final Thoughts:

Matt: Matt Riddle shows up and the King of Bros lays out both main event competitors, leading to a double KO decision and leading to Ciampa-Gargano 900 (this time actually a Triple Threat) taking place in Los Angeles.

Jeremy:  Again, I’m bummed I can’t watch this live.  I can take solace in the fact that I’ll be unable to take my phone into the concert I’m going to tomorrow night.  It’ll be hard for it to be spoiled.