Monday Night in the House that Seth Freakin’ Rollins Built – Monday Night Raw – May 14, 2018

The WWE Team is in London this week, so let’s see what Crossfit Jesus brought the house down with this week.

  • Roman kicked off, demanding that he get Jinder’s place in the qualifying match later in the evening since Jinder cost him his opportunity.  Angle came out to tell him no, but of course, the Big Dog doesn’t do well with not getting exactly what he wants.  It’s not what he’s used to.  Anyway, Roman made his way backstage and beat the hell out of Jinder.  Later, when Jinder had his ribs iced and taped for his spot in the match, Roman went full Strowman and speared him through a clearly fake wall, but it rendered him incapable of competing in the qualifying match.
  • Seth Freakin’ Rollins defeated Kevin Owens.  It was basically an open challenge match, but Owens accepted like four days ago, so there was no surprise to that.  This match was incredible, as all of Rollins’ matches have been lately.  He hit a Falcon Arrow on the freakin’ ring apron.  Seriously, it was insane.
  • Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler defeated Finn Balor and Braun Strowman.  Balor, of course, ate the pin as McIntyre crotched him on the ropes when he went up for Coup de Grace.  Strowman actually used Balor as a weapon in the match.  It was pretty great too.  I think there could have been more value in McIntyre holding more of his own against Strowman, both because I would be down for that match, and because I think McIntyre is exactly where he needs to ascend to the throne quickly.
  • The Miztourage is now The “B” Team, and no, not the subpar team.  They are the Best Team.  The B Team defeated Breezango.
  • Ronda Rousey will challenge for the Women’s Title, already.  I won’t repeat myself, but this feels like the Shayna Baszler thing all over again, just with more name recognition and no time in developmental.  I’m not really on board for this, but at least it isn’t just a repeat match like f***ing Shinsuke-AJ Styles.
  • Bobby Roode def. No Way Jose and Baron Corbin to qualify for the Money in the Bank Match.  This wasn’t really anything must see.
  • Ember Moon, Natalya and Sasha defeated The Riott Squad.  Who cares?
  • The Deleters of Worlds defeated The Revival.  When is The Revival going to get a damn fair shake?  They’re going to end up squandering them like they have The Ascension and Tyler Breeze.
  • Alexa Bliss defeated Mickie James and Bayley to qualify for the Money in the Bank Match.  Bayley got a “good luck” from Sasha before the match.  I don’t care what crap Bayley is peddling about being on board with the slow burn on that feud, but the ship on that thing has sailed into the distance, almost keeping up with the ship carrying Roman’s stay at the top of the card.
  • Kevin Owens replaces Jinder Mahal in the qualifying match, defeats Bobby Lashley and Elias Samson.  Kevin Owens apparently pulled triple duty last night, as I read he was a part of the Dark Match to close out the night as well.  Sami Zayn got involved in this one and attacked Lashley, because that’s a feud that’s going to exist.  Can we just get to Elias-Lesnar already?  I’m ready to Walk With (Universal Champion) Elias.

Rollins burned it down (pun intended) yet again.  This was a surprisingly good episode of Raw.  From reading around the web, it seems I’m not the only one who actually enjoyed everything they did with Reigns last night either.  I think this is a good move, to have him in a feud with Jinder, even if just for a bit.  Keep him off the top of the card and away from any of the titles, unless you want to team him with someone so Bray and Hardy can rectify the wrongs of WWE Time and Space by Deleting The Big Dog.

I’d like to see more undercard guys challenging Rollins going forward, because Owens didn’t necessarily need the nod, but it was worth it for the caliber of match we got.  There’s so much talent that deserves the opportunity to shine across from the absolute best performer on the Raw roster.  And God Willing, we’ll see this day again…