It’s All About Gulak….in the Age of Alexander – 205 Live Recap – 5/1/2018

He’s not the champion, for whatever reason, and to the best of my recollection he hasn’t been given a title opportunity at any point, but the “greatest submission specialist in the WWE” is certainly making his mark and getting plenty of screen time, so while it may be Cedric Alexander’s time, I think they’ve realized Cedric with a microphone isn’t quite as functional as Cedric actually wrestling, so they’ve got to have someone who can carry it like Gulak seems capable of doing.

Let’s see what the cruiserweights have for us this week:

  • Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick defeated Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa.  I’m so happy to have Kendrick back, and this was yet another match that proved the need to put a tag belt in this division.  Following the match, Itami turned on Tozawa.  Asshat.
  • Buddy Murphy made weight, then squashed a jobber.  Following his weigh in, he informed DM the GM that he wants his title shot.  After his squash match he traded a few blows with Alexander on the ramp but it wasn’t the all out brawl you’d have expected.
  • Drew Gulak defeated Kalisto.  Gulak had the upper hand through the majority of this, and Kalisto angered the submission magician at every turn with a “Lucha Chant” and his flipping around, both of which are no-nos.  This was yet another Kalisto main event that was pretty damn good, but most of this one wasn’t Kalisto.  I still want to see him wrestle Buddy Murphy over and over again.  In the end, Gulak attempted to remove the mask, which brought around some Lucha Things from Kalisto, but Gulak would pick up the victory.  I really expected the rest of Lucha House Party when he was making a move for the mask.  I like being pleasantly surprised.