This Is Her House – A SmackDown Live Recap for 4/10/18

I’m going to attempt to recap this show while on a plane back to Los Angeles.  It’s been fun NOLA.  Tonight’s show comes to us from the Smoothie King Arena in New Orleans, LA.

Shane starts SD, the final exclamation point on Wrestlemania weekend.  Shane accepted Daniel’s resignation of general manager. 

The New GM is Paige!

I’m really excited for this.  She’s an excellent talker and the idea that she was completely stepping away from the business was really depressing.  I’m also excited that we have a female GM that’s not Stephanie McMahon.  It seems like the right move all around.

She’s here to announce the DBry will have his first TV match in three years. She stretches out announcing his opponent but the flight attendant makes an announcement right when she tries to make her own. There was even an “Announcement in Progress” banner over Paige’s mouth so I couldn’t even read her lips!  ARGHH!  Who could it be?!?!?  I guess I’ll find out later?  The suspense is killing me.

New day vs Usos for #1 contender at The Greatest Royal Rumble.

The post Mania Smackdown crowd is preoccupied by pancakes as the New Day dominate all until the first commercial break.  When we come back from Super Trooper 2 commercials, the Usos regain control.  Corey hypes up the Superstar Shakeup, suggesting that The New Day or The Usos could be broken up.  I think that suggestion should be DELETED.

The crowd pops for an Unagi/Backstabber combo. This crowd really loves The New Day in a way I haven’t heard in a while.  The Usos take out Big E with superkicks in stereo and finished off Xavier with a superkick/frog splash combo.  The Evil Beard men show up to stare down their new/old competition.  Corey was mentioning that Paige was ignoring Usos’ rematch clause. While that is true, it seems like it’s a non-issue.

Holy shit. Daniel is facing AJ Styles.  I figured that could be the case.  That was the best possible solution.  I hope they devote the last 30 minutes to this.

Nattie confronts Naomi during her interview about winning the Women’s Battle Royal.  Naomi takes it as a challenge.  I’m not super hyped for this match.  Don’t get me wrong, Nattie is great in the ring.  I just think her character is garbage and she’s a terrible actor.

Anyway…Naomi hits a split-leg moonsault to beat Nattie.  Naomi hugs the uterus trophy.

Commercial Break Thoughts

I feel like they’re going to coast on that Paige announcement and AJ/Bryan announcement as the only big things.  I guess that’s ok.  Both things are huge.

Anyone else incredibly burnt out?  I’ve watched at least 20 hours of wrestling live and several more on TV or this plane.  I love it but I’m done for a few days…

There’s a least one person per row watching SmackDown on this plane. It’s kind of incredible.

Interview with a Dick Puncher

Renee Young asks the hard-hitting questions, specifically why he punched AJ in the dick.  He apologizes, with a nod and a wink, that he’s “very, very sorry.” When she presses him further, he replies “Me no speak English” to raucous laughter. I hear heel Nak is the best Nak.  I hope that’s true.


New season of Chrisley Knows Best coming soon!!!!

Maybe I Was Wrong About Those Surprises

Charlotte Flair is out for a promo. If there’s going to be a call-up…I feel like it’s going to be here.  Or Carmella is going to cash-in…  Charlotte is here to thank the crowd and Asuka for a memorable night.  Who’s Charlotte’s next challenger?


Peyton and Billie thought Charlotte’s Mania match was good…just not ICONIC.  Charlotte tries to fight off an attack but gets caught up in her robe.  The Iconics continue their attack as the crowd chant for Carmela.  This crowd demands a cash-in.

A bunch of refs show up to shoe the Iconics away as CARMELLA’s music hits.  Mike Chioda seems confused what the MITB briefcase is.  Pretty sure he didn’t know what it really was.  The match is happening. Carmella hits the kick and IS YOUR NEW  SD WOMEN’S CHAMPION!!!  Corey almost has an aneurism in his excitement.  The Staten Island Princess has dethroned the Queen!

So we got both a debut AND a cash-in. This segment delivered. The only thing I didn’t like is the Iconic Duo’s name change to just The Iconics.  It reminds me of a tonic water.  Apparently the Iconic Duo trademark was already taken.  Doesn’t the WWE check on these things when they pick names in NXT?

US champ #1 contender match:

I dig English’s new look.  It’s interesting this match is for the #1 contender for Backlash and not Jeddah. Is the US Championship not being defended?  Is it too polarizing to have the United States Championship?  Either way, I wish there was one new competitor here, not just a retread of Sunday.

Randy Orton wins…so that means Orton Vs Mahal XXXVIII. I’m so excited…

On top of that, when the f*&k are they going to give us something real for Rusev Day.  We’re just getting louder every week and it’s been one of the few things I’ve seen leak into other promotions.  I heard Rusev Day chants at Progress and ROH Supercard of Honor as well as PCW Ultra shows in Long Beach.  There’s no doubt that Rusev and English are over.  And if you try to bury him, he’ll just be a huge star for some other company.  He’s too charismatic not to be.

AJ Vs. Daniel Bryan

AJ tells Renee that he’s going to shove his fist down Nak’s throat…but first, he has another dream match to attend to.

My guess is this match is happening tonight because AJ and Bryan are going to be separated next week during the shakeup.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Nak spoils this match before it really can get into high gear.

DBry is surprising me with this hard hitting still, which only seems to be slightly modified from his first retirement.  I noticed he does a baseball slide instead of a suicide dive now…but that’s about it.

All I can say is Fight Forever!  And…just as I thought, Nak shows up to take out Bryan and AJ. He spams dick punches on AJ until a chorus of boos rains down on Nak.

I think this is going to be good.

The show was uneven but I really think it’s going to change for the better next week.  I hope I’m right.