Predicting Ring of Honor’s Biggest Show Ever! – Supercard of Honor – 4/7/2018

The Dark Match will be in the building for the largest Ring of Honor show ever, and what a card they’ve got for us.

Kota Ibushi vs Adam “Hangman” Page

Matt:  Ibushi is damn good.  I’ve only seen a couple of his matches but he’s an amazing performer.  That said, Page has a sh*&load of momentum and a big win here over Ibushi is only going to help build him up as a valuable part of whatever side he takes in the Bullet Club Civil War.  I’m going with Page.

Jeremy:  I think Page wins here.  I think one of the Golden Lovers lose tonight to keep the Bullet Club Civil War going.  Perhaps even attacks Ibushi to cause anguish for OMEGA later in the night.  Also, Hangman does a moonsault off of something, Louisiana Commission be damned.

Punishment Martinez vs Tomohiro Ishii

Matt:  Jeremy once referred to Martinez as the “Bingo Hall version of Baron Corbin.”  In my minimal experience seeing Martinez perform and cut promos, that is the most apt description imaginable.  I would imagine that they’ll let the NJPW half of this one get the make up win for Ibushi taking the lose to put Page over, so I’m going to go with Ishii.

Jeremy:  I saw the Stone Pitbull have a match already this weekend and he’s a force to be reckoned with.  I think Punishment Martinez is getting there but his wrestling isn’t the strongest.  I think this is a good match of styles to best suit Martinez.  Ishii is going to repeatedly headbutt Punishment and then make them submit.

RoH TV Championship – Kenny King vs Silas Young – Last Man Standing Match

Matt:  I’ll openly admit that I have limited experience with the RoH roster, as I’ve only recently discovered that I get RoH TV at like 2 AM on one of the crappy local channels here in Atlanta.  That being said, even I feel like I’ve seen this match one too many times already.  Whatever.  I’m taking Kenny King because it is New Orleans and I think he’ll get a much much bigger pop than Young will, even if my heart says to go with Young because he looks like a poor man’s Jesse Ventura.

Jeremy:  So I guess the Austin Aries thing isn’t really happening?  I haven’t been watching the TV.  It’s all really confusing.  Either way, this should be good.  I think I’m going with a swerve here and feel like Young is going to win this championship.  I think King should win, but I think they want a couple title changes on this card.

RoH World Six-Man Championship – SoCal Uncensored vs The Young Bucks & Flip Gordon – Ladder Match

Matt:  I’m torn here.  While I know that The Bucks and Gordon are going to put on one hell of a show in a ladder match, but some part of me is so invested in this “Bullet Club is Fine” story, especially with Cody Rhodes seemingly in a Twitter feud to keep Flip Gordon down, that I don’t necessarily want them to win here.  I would have also preferred the Hung Bucks getting their rematch here, but Page-Ibushi is going to be bad ass so I’ll let that one slide.  In the end, Flip Gordon’s vest is incredibly douchey, so I’m going with SoCal Uncensored to retain here, probably via some extra help from the back.

Jeremy:  Flip is going to cost the Bucks winning this championship back, further putting his booking on the all-in show in question.  SoCal Uncensored is going to do a bunch of dirty things too.  This match might be the most insane match on the card, all said and done.  SoCal Uncensored retain.

RoH World Tag Team Championship – The Briscoes vs Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Matt:  This one doesn’t even need explanation.  The Briscoes are just too damn good to drop these belts to a random pairing.  Their showing in that Champions Battle on RoH TV this week was enough to show me they’d retain at Supercard.

Jeremy:  I love Tanahashi’s theme song and glad that I’ll get to hear it live for the second time this weekend.  It might be my favorite.  Logistically, I don’t see how Ace and Lethal win the championship here and defend it down the line.  That is unless Tana wants to travel to the US more often.  Anyway, Briscoes retain here.

RoH World Championship Match – Dalton Castle vs The Villain Marty Scurll

Matt:  I’m beyond excited for this match.  I think Dalton Castle is awesome, but he’s totally tapping out to a Chicken Wing.  The Villain is the new World Champion.  Long may he reign.

Jeremy:  Marty wins here.  I would think Cody might interfere but I think he’s too busy preparing for his match later tonight.  Dalton is going to put on a show.  They both are.  I can’t wait.  Marty Scurll is your new world champion.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega

Matt:  Don’t make me choose.  I’m going to be completely ridiculous here and say that Cody Rhodes wins clean.  Kenny Omega hands over control of Bullet Club to the American Nightmare, stands tall over AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura following their Championship Match on Sunday to set up the greatest Triple Threat Match in the History of the World at Summerslam.

Jeremy:  Omega wins here to deflate a bit of Cody’s ego and keep the drama of this implosion going.  Omega and Cody are going to try to steal the weekend, and I think it’s really possible that they do.  Their only competition is the unsanctioned match happening in the Smoothie King arena.

Final Thoughts:

Matt:  This show is going to be pretty incredible.  I’ll probably go to the bathroom during the Punishment Martinez match because I’m not moving for the rest of the night.  I’m predicting a 7-Star Match from Omega-Rhodes (I know, it doesn’t exist), and just a damn good showing from everyone else on the roster.

Jeremy:  This is a solid card.  I can’t wait to be there and MEET CHEESEBURGER!  Actually, where’s Cheeseburger on here?!?!!?!?


Seriously, there is not one fucking match on this card that is predictable.

With that said, here is a brief list of who I want to win:
Bucks – but somehow not Flip!
Kelly Klien (if she makes it to the final)
Page (forever and ever amen)
Chucky T

Thank you, ROH and thank you, Sweet Baby Wrestling Jesus for all your beautiful gifts.