Holy Crap, Mustafa Ali Might Get a Wrestlemania Moment!!!!! – 205 Live – 3/6/2018

While Green Bay might not have been treated to a fantastic Smackdown Live, they most definitely got a hell of a show from the Cruiserweight Division.  The quarterfinals continued as “The Best Kept Secret” Buddy Murphy takes on the former Chicago Police officer Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak got a piece of the master of flight Mark Andrews.

I probably should have said spoiler alert

  • MUSTAFA ALI DEFEATED BUDDY MURPHY!!!!!  Nobody reads this, but if you had, you’d know I’ve long been lobbying for a Mustafa Ali push.  Beyond his in ring skill and his fantastic backstory as a police officer on the insanely dangerous streets of Chicago, you owe it to yourself to see this promo:

  • In a complete contrast of styles, the aerial stylings of Mark Andrews weren’t enough as Drew Gulak moves on to the semi-finals with a dragon sleeper.  It’s intensely exciting to think that Ali will take on either Alexander or Roderick Strong at Mania.
  • Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami def. a pair of jobbers.  This was undoubtedly the first of numerous teases that the Cruiserweight Tag Title is coming, and thank god for that as well.

205 Live is truly back to the best hour WWE is producing each week.  Now if we could get the audiences to stay in their damn seats when Smackdown ends that would be great.