The Even More Undisputed Era – A Raw Recap for 11/27/2017

Raw comes to us from Knoxville, TN.  I’m going to mention it a billion times in this recap but this crowd is terrible.  Skip Knoxville next time, WWE.

Intercontinental Breakfast of Champions

Raw starts with Roman telling everyone how awesome a week he’s had.  I really don’t like Roman with titles.  He doesn’t need it and he seems like a prick when he does have them.

I’ve got a solution though.  Just make the IC title seem like it has magical powers and it makes anyone who holds it kind of a douche.  It’s like the Greatest Must-See Intercontinental Champion of All Time infected it.  It’s a temporary way of making Roman a bit of a heel without actually making him a heel.

The Miztourage doesn’t like how they’re talking about their boss who’s is now out for weeks.  But no matter, they have a challenger for the IC championship.  It’s time for the IC Championship to walk with Elias.

Later in the show, Elias first had to perform a few songs before his first championship match in the WWE or NXT.  He was too busy drifting to have ambition, I guess.  Elias had a new song for the former IC champ and he was backed up by none other than Dallas and Axel on the dueling mouth harps (harmonicas).  Here’s a reenactment:

I could do a play-by-play but you’re really just here for the story.  There were Superman Punches, a sitout Powerbomb from Elias, interferrence from The Miztourage, and finally a Spear from Roman.  The big takeaway was that it was mostly an even match here.  After having Jason Jordan throw produce at Elias for a couple of months, it looks like they’re actually looking to build this guy.  It makes sense, he looks like a guy Vince would really like.

Who’s next for The Big Dog tonight?  Samoa Joe attacked Reigns from behind locking in the Coquina Clutch pretty much securing that he’ll be the next up for the Intercontinental Open Challenge.  Sometimes you just have to step up and take what you want.


There was supposed to be a 6 women tag match.  They advertised it on Twitter earlier in the day.  Sasha came out first. Her two tag partners did not… Mickie James’ music came on.  Nothing.  Bayley’s music came on.  Also nothing.

What ever could have happened to them?  Could it have been Paige, Deville, and Rose?  I mean, we just saw a recap of what happened last week.  They also showed SmackDown.  Are they implying that Paige has a two brand faction?  That would kind of be really great.

Of course it was them.  Paige comes up out with Deville and Rose to confront The Boss.  Before The Four Horsewomen, there was Paige.  She’s basically here to remind everyone with that.  She knew that Mickie and Bayley wouldn’t be on board, but what about the Boss.  Is Sasha with Paige or against her?  Sasha tries to attack first and get beats down by the three women, the new faction dubbed Absolution.

There’s a bit of an Undisputed Era but with Women vibe going on.  Am I the only other one that feels that way?  Deville is Bobby Fish and Mandy Rose is O’Reilly in this scenario.

Later in the show, Asuka defeated Dana Brooke by tapping her out in three seconds.

Absolution showed up to stare Asuka down.  Asuka doesn’t attack but doesn’t back down either.  It looks like Paige is going to be the next major victim of Asuka.  Although, it’s possible that Paige gets a win.

Broken, Woken, or What?

Bray cuts a pre match promo saying that we’re all Bruce Willis from the end of The Sixth Sense.  We’ve been dead the whole time.  Spoiler alert.

Matt Hardy is here to try to bring us back to life.

Matt was fierce this week, but Bray ultimately finished Matt off.  Matt is dejected in one of the corners while Bray celebrates.

Hardy is clearly “having a breakdown” and starts to Delete!  It’s too bad that the Knoxville crowd is hot garbage.  From all the rumors, it’s actually happening this time.  I’m thinking about going to Raw next Monday…

It better happen.  Either that or Matt might as well stay off TV until Jeff is ready to come back.

It’s All About Kane

We finish off with Jason Jordan challenging Braun Strowman in an attempt to take the heat off of Roman for being Vince’s chosen one.  It’s working, by the way.

Jason is here tonight to tell everyone that he’s not really hurt anymore.  Knoxville being garbage actually works here for once.  Kane shows up, throws Jason out of the ring and he hurts his knee again.  Jason loses by count out when he can’t back to the ring.  Kane continued to attack Jason until Bálor felt like he needed to GET OVER there to help.

Finn wins by disqualification after Kane starts to beat him down with a chair.  Kane relentlessly beats Finn with the chair.  When Kane tried to dacapitate Finn with a leg drop and a chair, “BRAAAUUUUUNNNN” rings out over the loudspeakers.  It looks like Finn has some backup.  Is Braun Strowman officially a good guy?  Did this make the face turn official?

Braun powerslams Kane onto the steel steps and beat him further with a chair.

When is Kane going to be gone though?  Not soon enough.  If it only takes one Shield Powerbomb to write Miz off for weeks, I’ll supply like 4-5 tables and The Shield, Finn, and Strowman can take turns putting him out.  Maybe we’ll even let Jason Jordan get in on the action.  Nah, that’s a bad idea.

Kane did exit through the crowd.  Maybe he is gone for a bit.

Everything Else

  • Seth fought some combination of The Bar, this time Cesaro, for the billionth time.
    • He had a weird post match interview where he assured Charlie and the WWE universe that The Shield is still together.  Dean is on his honeymoon.  He got really concerned that Renee put the the room on her credit card and that Dean was on a bender.  Also, he let us know that Sheamus is on vacation this week.  Why is that important?  Dean and Seth are invoking their rematch clause.
  • Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Tozawa, and Ali confront Angle for kind of forgetting the Cruiserweight devision.  They’ve got a good point.  Michele and I were wondering who was actually in control there just last week.
  • Titus O’Neil defeats Titus O’Neal via the Coquina Clutch.  Apollo Crews attacked Joe after the match but Joe quickly put him out with the Clutch as well.  Nothing really to see here.  I feel like this match was made so they’d have an easy thing to cut out for the Hulu edit.
  • This crowd is dead.  I know I’ve already mentioned this.  Only Corpus Christi is worse.
  • Rich Swann, Noam Dar, Tozawa, and Daivari have a Fatal Four Way to help determine the new #1 contender.  The winner will face the winner of another fatal four-way on 205 Live tomorrow night.  It was a good match, again with a dead crowd.  Why even bother coming out to the show?
    • Rich Swann hits a Phoenix Splash to advance to the next round.