Bedlam – A SmackDown Live Recap for 11/21/2017

Tonight’s Raw is the final night of Live wrasslin’ from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.  Matt and Ryan weren’t there because they have real grown up jobs several hundred miles away.

You’re Fir–Hold On

Shane’s out at the top to complain that the only reason they lost Survivor Series is because Sami and KO interfered.  He calls them out there to confront them.  KO and Sami claim that it was a mistake to not have them on the card.  After all, they could have taken on the entire Raw team with just the two of them.

That doesn’t matter.  Shane is here to tell the duo that no one likes them.  Shane is here to utter the two words made famous by his father.  But before he’s able to spit out the syllables, the Ride of the Valkyries fills the Toyota Center.  Daniel Bryan thinks Shane is going too far.  He doesn’t dispute Shane’s ability to fire the two, but he thinks it would be better to have a LumberJack Match against the New Day.  If the roster really hates them, it will be a proper punishment.

Sami and KO try to make friends and influence people backstage but it doesn’t seem like anyone is buying what they’re selling.

Lumberjack Bedlam

For the most part, this Lumberjack match goes like most of the others except that they really do hate Sami and Kevin.  Everyone loves The New Day.  When Sami tries to leave the ring, a dozen wrestlers carry him back to the ring.  When Kofi slips out of the ring, everyone just sort of stands there.

Eventually, Sami finds himself on the outside yet again.  This time, Baron Corbin goes to clothesline Sami but hits Bobby Roode.  All hell breaks loose.  Everyone is fighting.  Sami is able to take advantage and get a quick roll up on Kofi to win the match.  KO quickly escapes but Sami isn’t so lucky.  He gets triple teamed by a pissed off New Day.

Daniel Bryan chastises KO for leaving his friend behind and sets him up for a match with Randy Orton the next week.  Kevin at first starts to complain, but he realizes he’s lucky to still have a job.

NXT’s Women’s Revolution Invasion

Raw isn’t the only one getting NXT callups.

Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sara Logan made their presence known.  First, they attacked Naomi in the makeup chair.  Becky Lynch was nearby and tried to defend her fellow SmackDown Superstar.  She took an even worse beating than Naomi.  The Riot crew (see what I did there?) repeatedly slammed Becky Lynch with a door to her abdomen.  I feel like this is a way to write her off for a few weeks while she joins Miz and Shawn Michaels to shoot The Marine 6.

Later in the evening, Nattie exercises her rematch clause for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship.  It didn’t really get started.  The Riot crew (yeah, I’m going with it) attacked Nattie on the outside and quickly turned their sights to the Queen.  No woman is safe.

Everything Else

  • The Bludgeon Brothers finally debut!  They aren’t another Emmalina!  They take care of the Hype Bros with a Double Crucifix Powerbomb.  Shall we call it a Bludgeon Bomb?!?!  I’m optimistic that this will work out.
  • Shelton Benjamin defeats Jey Uso.
  • AJ is pissed.  It’s great that he’s being called Rocky and everyone telling him he’s the greatest wrestler in the world.  He still lost.  No matter.  He wants to move forward and get his rematch with Jinder over with.  Jinder shows up on the tron.  He doesn’t think the good people of Houston deserve to see his rematch.  He’s  taking his rematch at Clash of Champions.  Jinder tries to get the upper hand with a cheap shot on AJ with an attack by the Singh Brothers.  It ends up with one of them getting a Styles Clash.  You can’t really get one over on the best wrestler in the world.  He ends up with a 2-on-1 handicap match for next Tuesday.