“Survival Can Be Summed Up In Three Words: Never Give Up” – WWE Survivor Series 2017 Predictions

The Toyota Center in Houston, Texas will be graced with my presence this weekend, but before we get there, let’s make some predictions about what I’m going to see.

Survivor Series Kickoff Show

Enzo Amore vs Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship

Matt:  So, the Zo Show has been relegated back to the kickoff broadcast, but at least they’ll get a decent amount of time to work with that way.  I’m conflicted on this one, mostly because I think Enzo has been great for 205 Live as much as I hate admitting it.  These guys have actually been given an opportunity to develop characters and personalities rather than just diving around for an hour.  The best thing that’s come out of it is clearly the Drew Gulak Crusade for a Better 205 Live, but he’s not part of this.  I’m going to let Zo keep his “boo” here, probably via some sort of help from Daivari.  Enzo Amore retains.

Jeremy:  Kalisto, to me, seems like a guy playing lucha dress up.  Sure, he’s talented but he doesn’t seem all that effective to me.  In the opposite corner is someone who lives his gimmick, possibly to his detriment.  I’ll always give it to that guy.  In a “sport” that tries to blur the line between fantasy and reality, I want the guy who blurs that line himself.  I’m not even going to go into 205 Live ratings or anyone else.  This should simply be Enzo’s time.

WWE Survivor Series 2017

I’m putting these in random order.  Aside from the Men’s Survivor Series Match, I have no idea what order this show will go in.

Women’s Survivor Series Match – Team Smackdown vs Team Raw

Matt:  Let’s not beat around the bush here.  Paige is going to fill in that silhouette on Team Smackdown, but Asuka’s gonna kill everyone in this ring.  She may end this match standing atop a pile of 9 other bodies.  Any why the hell would you book this any other way.  Asuka’s Gonna Kill You!

Jeremy: It would be really weird if it’s not Paige in that 5th spot, otherwise they would have just changed it to Nattie.  I have a hard time seeing how Asuka can be eliminated.  If she is eliminated, does that end her streak?  She’d have to be pinned or submitted to do so.  I just don’t see that happening.  I could see her getting disqualified somehow.  Actually, I’m going to go with that.  Team SmackDown is going to win here.  Perhaps Paige is the Sole Survivor.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin

Matt:  I’m really excited for this one, like more than I thought I would be.  I am going to predict some chaos here, because I think Baron Corbin wins via count out when Braun Strowman chases Miz and the Miztourage off through the crowd.  At some point, Strowman will be Intercontinental Champion, hopefully some point soon.

Jeremy:  Some Braun Strowman chaos is exactly what I think this match needs.  I didn’t even think of that as a possibility.  Now I’ll be super disappointed if that doesn’t happen.  Instead of chasing Miz off though, I think Miz will when by DQ when Braun attacks him in the ring.  Corbin is going to be pissed.

The Bar vs The Usos

Matt:  I’m sort of disappointed because I was really amped up to see this revitalized team of The Usos tangle with The Shield, but Cesaro may be the most athletically gifted person in the company so it isn’t like this match won’t be entertaining.  The Usos will get the win here and continue on the path of domination, incarcerating everyone in their path.  The Usos

Jeremy:  I’m sure this will be a great match but I’m also disappointed Dean and Seth aren’t facing The Usos.  Either way, we’re getting a great match.  I actually think The Bar is going to walk away victorious in this one.

The Goddess vs The Queen

Matt:  This should be a pretty damn good one.  Charlotte is on the hot streak here though, so I bet she gets to pick this win up heading back to North Carolina for the Starrcade show next weekend.  Charlotte wins and the Queen reigns.

Jeremy:  Charlotte wins this match but it’s going to be brutal.  It’s going to take a lot out of her.  With a match with so many champions, there’s so few defenses.  Don’t be surprised when Carmella cashes in her briefcase and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The Shield vs The New Day

Matt:  Well, if we weren’t going to get Dean and Seth vs The Usos, I’ll take this.  These six match up well, but they’re not going to let Roman Reigns lose anything between now and his date with Wrestlemania’s main event and his Universal Championship reign beginning.  The Shield wins, Ryan will be so disappointed in the seat next to me.  

Jeremy:  With Roman getting sick stalling out the Shield reunion, I think WWE is itching to have a least one PPV to do this up right.  They only have a short amount of time until Roman gets on the Road to Wrestlemania in January.  Coming off of Hell in a Cell, I expect an excellent match from the New Day.  There’s just going to come up short to the Hounds of Justice.  The Shield.

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Matt:  I’ve said it already this week, but there are only two guys in this company that I think they feel high enough about to let them go over Lesnar, and one of them is in this match.  I’m going to hope and pray with my prediction here, and say that AJ Styles reverses an F5 into a Calf Crusher, gets the tap out victory.

Jeremy:  I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news here.  Brock is going to hit one F5 on Styles and is going to win.  I’m afraid Matt has worked himself into a shoot.  – HH

Men’s Survivor Series Match – Team Raw vs Team Smackdown

Matt:  You can’t go wrong either way, so I’m going to go with the resumes here to make my prediction.  I think Team Smackdown rides the 29 combined World Championships of Orton and Cena to the win here, and an interference from Jordan that gets Angle eliminated and Kane that takes Strowman out of the equation.  Too much infighting on the A-Show.  They’ve said 100 times since he was put on the team that Orton is the most dominant Survivor Series competitor in the history of the match type.  Plus, I’m the Smackdown guy on our site, so yeah, Team Blue all the way.

Jeremy:  I feel like this is the oldest combined ages Survivor Series team that they’ve ever had.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.  I actually think Team Raw has this one.  Why?  Shane is going to go too far.  He’s going to go heel.  Either that, or KO and Sami are going to interfere with Team Blue.  I have a feeling that KO and Sami being sent home from the European Tour is a work.  There might have been a misunderstanding and people upset about it, but I think Vince is capitalizing.  They did it with Enzo and it worked.  Why not do that here?  Either way, Shane is going to cost Team Blue the match.  Finn Bálor is your Sole Survivor.

Other Predictions:

Matt:  I think The Four Horsewomen of MMA play into the women’s Survivor Series match.  Thinking about the future, the only other opportunity for them to get involved to set up a Wrestlemania match is to get it going here or at the Rumble, and I don’t think they can wait that long.  I’ll also throw this long shot out there and say that New Day wins when Roman & Dean heel turn on Rollins.  That’s my chaos.  Jeremy, what you got?

Jeremy:  I really hope Kane isn’t involved at all this evening.  There’s always a place in my heart for him but I think he’s overstayed his welcome this time.  What happened to his mayoral campaign.  If Team Raw does lose, it’s because Jason Jordan has something to do with it.

Finally, I don’t expect the Four Horsewoman tonight.  I think it’s a Royal Rumble thing.  There’s not a story to tell for the next two months.