Enter the Bruiserweight – A Raw Recap for 11/6/2017

Tonight’s Raw comes to us from Manchester, United Kingdom.

“Miz, Meet Your Nightmare!”

Raw started strong.  Miz started off with a fiery promo on Baron Corbin.  It seems that Miz has taken issue with Corbin bringing his wife and unborn child until his insults.  At first, I thought it was just the British crowd behind Miz that was giving it that extra fire.  Then I realized Miz was looking straight into hard camera, much like he did with his infamous Talking Smack promo.  Not everyone should do that, but I do think it works for The Miz.

That’s not the reason Miz occupied the ring this evening.  He was taping an important episode of his talk show, Miz TV.  Tonight’s special guest:  Kurt Angle.

After the “You Suck” chants had died down, Miz immediately insinuated that Kurt ordered Kane to attack his former partner Daniel Bryan during last week’s Raw.  After vehemently denying the accusation, Miz found himself in a match that evening with Braun Strowman.

The winner of the segment had to Curtis Axel.  He looked so pathetic in that neck brace.

Braun was on a quick path to destruction but The Big Red Machine arrived.  The match ended in DQ and Miz and his Miztourage let the two monsters battle it out.

The big question is when?  Kane is only here for a limited time and Braun is already tied up in the Survivor Series match.

Joe Vs. Bálor XVIII

After Joe embarrased Titus Worldwide last week, the eponymous leader of the Titus Worldwide brand requested a match with Joe.  It never made it that far.  Joe attacked Titus before the match.

Joe issued an open challenge to anyone that thinks they’re a challenge to him.  It’s a brutal match that ended in a double count-out.  I’d normally be against such a result. With their NXT history, I’m cool with it.  It’s clear that it’s not the last we’ve seen of the match.


Enter The Bruiserweight

Tonight’s Raw was plagued with weird production issues.  I don’t know if they were using local crew to fill in for some of the crew back in the states or just a bunch of bad luck.  Either way, it’s most disappointing that they messed up the debut of one of my favorite wrestlers on Raw.

Enzo showed up talk trash, for what seemed like an unusually long time.  It almost seemed like he was given the task of filling a bunch of time because something wasn’t ready.  Even with that extra time, they played Pete Dunne’s theme…and Angle walked out.  It’s obvious that it should have been Angle’s theme.  Oh well.

Dunne is here.  Who knows if it’s full time, but I welcome the Bruiserweight.  I have a little history with him myself.

He shut Enzo up with his signature strikes, submissions, and finally a Bitter End to seal Enzo’s fate.

Everything Else

  • The Bar are your new WWE Raw Tag Team Title holders.  It was a great match until The New Day decided to invade Raw.  Kurt Angle brought out all the available superstars for a “Code Blue,”  getting spooked by Braun along the way.  In all the commotion, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Rollins and securing the pinfall.
    • Roman Reigns is announced for Raw next week despite previous rumors that he wouldn’t even make Survivor Series.
    • I’m guessing this mean that we are getting a New Day Vs. Shield at Survivor Series.  I’m kind of indifferent about that.  I was really looking forward to Dean and Seth Vs. The Usos.
  • They literally had a Guitar-On-A-Pole match.  I don’t know why I’m surprised.  They advertised it on Twitter.  It’s the first one since Jeff Jarrett and Steve Blackman went at it in the late 90s.  This time, the last slot on the Men’s Survivor Series match was on the line.  And who wins?  Jason Jordan.  Yeah, that’s right.  The only good thing was an acapella performance from Elias before the match.  It was beautiful.
  • Asuka destroys local talent Stacy Coates.  Alicia Fox recruits The Empress of Tomorrow for her Survivor Series team.
  • Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Alicia Fox & Nia Jax.  This match had the benefit of rebuilding Boss & Hug connection after months of terrible booking in the United States.  The UK really loves the pair and lets it be known.  Fox rewarded Banks with a spot on the Survivor Series team even after submitting her with a Banks Statement.