31 Faces of Fear: Mil Muertes

For the month of October, we are going to run through some of our favorite wrestlers that inspire fear in their competitors and fans alike.

To create an effective villain, you have to have a tragic backstory.  That’s what you get with Mil Muertes.  He wasn’t always the Man of 1,000 deaths.  He was once Pasqual Mendoza.  His entire family perished in an earthquake in Mexico City.  Pasqual, at only 7 years old, managed to survive.

Managed or perhaps controlled by Catrina, Mil’s path of destruction is pretty well mapped out.  He was the Season 1 winner of the Lucha Underground Championship and literally lorded over the temple for most of Season 2 like he’s Shang Tsung from Mortal Combat.

I don’t think you want to find out why he’s the Man of 1,000 deaths.