31 Faces of Fear: Pentagon Jr./Penta el Zero M

For the month of October, we are going to run through some of our favorite wrestlers that inspire fear in their competitors and fans alike.

Pentagon Jr. (aka Penta el Zero M or Pentagon Dark) is best known for his time in AAA, PWG, and Lucha Underground.  In Lucha Underground, he crossed paths with fellow Face of Fear Vampiro, who was serving as a commentator for the promotion.  He was breaking his opponent’s arms to serve his unknown master.  When he tried to break Sexy Star’s arm, Vampiro stepped in to stop them.  Their feud culminated in a Cero Miedo (No Fear) match, Vampiro urged Penta to break Vampiro’s arm, revealing himself to be Pentagon’s master in the process.

And that’s just one storyline.

His real name is not a matter of public record, as is often the case with masked wrestlers in Mexico, where their private lives are kept a secret from the wrestling fans.