31 Faces of Fear: Crazzy Steve

He’s so crazy, he has two Zs in his name.  With a face painted like a dirty, deranged clown, he was a little nuts.  Not only is Crazzy Steve the 3rd member of Decay, he was also a member of The Menagerie.  Just like The Decay, The Menagerie was a group of misfits including The Freak and Rebel.  Even with that stable, Crazzy Steve failed to get a lot of traction in TNA.

That changed when he joined Decay.  With the help of Rosemary’s Green Mist, Abyss and Steve were able to capture the Tag Team Titles from Beer Money.  Their feud with The Broken Hardy’s led to “Delete or Decay” and “The Great War”.

He’s rumored to have attended a WWE tryout and possibly heading to NXT soon.