Walk Over Talk – A Raw Recap for 10/16/2017

Tonight’s Raw came to us from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.  The crowd was hotter than I’d expect for Portland.

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Dusting off the Flak Jackets

There’s something that looks so out of place about this scene.  Seth and Dean really have grown in the last 3 years.  Or maybe the outfits never looked good?  Maybe Seth needed that terrible bleached hair.  Maybe it’s the fact that they’re all faces this time?  Or maybe it’s that people are cheering Roman?  Maybe it’s Roman basically threatening to murder Angle if he didn’t leave the ring?  The Big Dog seems a little rabid.  He forgot what it was like to get the reaction he was supposed to be getting.

Over the weekend, Roman responded to a kayfabe Cody giving a promo that he was the biggest draw in wrestling.  Instead of leaving it alone, he tweeted this:

In a Raw that featured a hell of a lot of talking, maybe this promotion should pay attention to the same hashtag.

And news flash: I’m seeing way more Bullet Club merch than Roman Reigns merch in the crowd.

Anyway, The Shield tries to antagonize their opponents for TLC.  Kurt puts a stop to it.  He bans people from ringside at both the tag match and cage match later that evening, much to everyone’s disappointment.

A Miz TV segment happens, Braun Strowman wants a lock on the cage door, something every steel cage match should have.  Opening the door is stupid.

Everyone is loving Curtis Axel tonight, even chanting for him.  It’s a shame.  He’s a lot better than he’s given credit for.

The Miz brings up Dean’s claim that the Shield can take on any number of opponents once more. He announces a 5th man added to his team.  Kurt initially dismisses Miz but agrees to the request if Braun Strowman can defeat Roman in their match that evening.

Before the main event, Axel thinks someone should take out Roman.  Axel wants to secure what he assumes is his spot if Braun wins the cage match.  Strowman agrees, probably just to get him out of their locker room.

It doesn’t go well.  Miz finds The Axe Man upside down backstage.  But it’s ok, he was never the 5th man.

The Fifth Member of Team Miz

It was an OK cage match.  Roman almost escaped.  A bunch of stuff happened.  The Miz locked out the two tag teams that disobeyed Angle ringside banishment.

What you need to know is that Glen Jacobs put his mayoral campaign on hold for a week to don the red mask once more.  He chokeslammed and Tombstoned Roman ensuring an easy Strowman pinfall.

Your 5th man is Kane.

Everything Else

  • Ambrose and Rollins successfully defended their tag titles against Sheamus and Cesaro.  It was a good match, but they were definitely not putting it all on the line tonight.
  • After a rousing rendition of the Jason Jordan “Nerd” song from Elias, Gallows, and Anderson, the team of Apollo Crews, Titus, and Jason Jordan put away the singing trio.
  • Cedric Alexander defeated The Gentleman Jack Gallagher.  Rich Swann and The Brian Kendrick were in each corner to make sure there’s going to be no funny business.  This is to setup a tag match for Sunday.
  • Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox.  Fox attacked Banks backstage and then assaulted referee Darrick Moore for trying to stop her.  Despite numerous attacks to referees over the years, Alicia is one of the first in a long time to actually get fined.
  • Kalisto confronted Enzo only to get beaten down by  Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar.  Mustafa Ali tried to save Kalisto, after he was probably responsible for Kalisto winning last week, but received a beat down of his own.  “We want Neville” chants were audible in the Moda Center.
  • Mickie James and Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss and Emma.  Mickie James got the win so that probably confirms she’s losing on Sunday.  On the bright side, Bayley didn’t have to eat another pin this week.
  • Bray’s response to Sister Abigail was really dumb.  We got the Pumpkin King!  I really hope this is all done on Sunday.  I don’t think you should watch it, but if you want to…