Braun, save me from my post No Mercy depression – A Raw Recap for 9/26

Tonight’s Raw came to us from Ontario, CA.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still really bummed out about No Mercy.  I’ve seen some bad WWE shows, but No Mercy might have been the worst that I paid to attend.  I hope there’s something to lift me out of this.

Bullet Club “Invasion”

This isn’t something that happened on the USA network, but it was happening outside down the block at the local mall.

It seems especially appropriate to do after a bad show that was No Mercy.

Braun Strowman’s Star Factory

WWE knows that people like me are pissed at that terrible match on Sunday.

So it’s time for Curt Hawkins’ Star Factory!  He’s doesn’t want to be know for his 118 match losing streak.  So it’s time for him to win tonight!  Who answering the challenge…Braun Strowman.  He’s here to bring the pain.  After chasing Curt from the ring, he sends him careening through the LED boards of the stage.

Braun wants some competition.  He wants to hurt someone.  Who will enter the Braun Strowman Star Factory?

This was actually the best match of the night.  Answering Braun’s challenge is exactly in line with his character.  Probably the best spot came towards the end when Dean tried to dive at Braun.  Braun caught him but Dean was able to reverse it into a DDT.

Dean ultimately came up short, but it was a great effort from both gentlemen.

The Miz is Awesome

As announced at No Mercy, Miz was going to sit down with Roman Reigns.  He quickly turned the discussion to himself and how the Miz and the Miztourage would beat The Shield.  Roman thought that was hilarious, which made the Miz understandably upset.

Roman wasn’t done.  He thinks they should have a match tonight, one-on-one, to prove who is the better man.  Miz suddenly remembers that he’s wearing a suit and he has to get back to his pregnant wife.  Kurt Angle books it anyway.

The match is pretty good but ultimately ends with Roman going over.  That immediately brought upon a beatdown from Axel and Dallas ending with a brutal Skull Crushing Finale on a chair.

It wasn’t done there though.  Miz, almost to the back, got an evil glint in his eye.  They continued the beat down and did a special pose over Roman.

It was announced later in the show that Roman will be facing Miz next week for the Intercontinental Championship.  I’m assuming it will cause some sort of Shield reunion, but I actually think Roman could end up as the Intercontinental Champion.  We’ll see.

I highly recommend Max Landis’ breakdown of the entire Miz character.  It’s a great thread.

The Zo Show

Whadda we have ova here?  A entire show of haters?  Enzo wanted a celebration but with the stipulation that none of the 205 roster can touch him.

If the swift kick to the dick at No Mercy didn’t convince you that Enzo is a heel, I don’t see how you don’t know by the end of Raw.  He is the heel for the entire Cruiserweight devision.  And there’s no one that knows this more than Neville himself.

Ladies and Gentleman, we had a botched double turn a few months ago, but I think we got one here tonight.  I also think that’s why this celebration was the main event.

Despite possibly losing his rematch, Neville took his grievances to the ring.  He grounds Enzo and hits a Red Arrow while the rest of 205 Live watches.

After Raw went off the air, Braun’s Star Factory continues…

It’s still not enough to make up for him losing to Brock, but it’s a start.

Everything Else

  • Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan defeated The Miztourage.  The only reason Jordan got cheers was because Matt and Jeff were there.  For someone that hurt his shoulder, Jeff looked good.  The article said that he plans to stay on TV during his recovery.  Let’s hope that’s the case.
  • Elias defeats Apollo Crews.  The WWE realized they had an actual decent match in their kickoff last night.  So it sounds like it’s time to just do the same thing again!  This time, Elias kicks Titus in the knee before putting Apollo away.  It seems like we might get Elias Vs. Titus next week.  I almost forgot he was a wrestler.
  • Mickie James confronts Alexa Bliss after being left off the Women’s match at No Mercy.  I forgot she was on the show, honestly.  It looks like we might get a singles match at TLC with a separate match for Asuka.  I approve if that’s the case.
  • Finn Bálor sets his sights on reclaiming the Universal Championship.  WWE, you’re the worst.  I have no desire to see Finn job to Lesnar.  Also, I know Finn could get Lesnar gassed in record time.
    • Golddust attacked Finn saying that he didn’t need defending from Bray.  The fought.  Goldie lost.  Bray Wyatt had some creepy kid singing at the end so…I guess we need to watch Bray lose one more time?
  • Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax and Emma in a pretty good match that didn’t really do anything for anyone.  I guess it gave Bayley the pin against Emma but it doesn’t make up for last night.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus in a 1-on-1 match.  It was a good match with the most notable thing being that Cesaro was there after getting his front teeth impacted into his gums the night before.
  • Dean is concerned that Seth is predictable.  Rollins takes issue with that and is going to challenge Braun to a match next week.

Feeling a Little Better

It was a decent Raw.  I do feel a little better, but they can’t keep doing this every time Braun loses a big feud.  Just having him destroy a few smaller dudes doesn’t make up for the fact that he lost a match he should have won.

Anyway, until next week!