Let’s Catch Up From Tuesday – September, 12, 2017

So we’ve finally overcome the struggle to get cable services back here in my half of Dark Match Nation, and with Jeremy abroad (and the lucky bastard got to go to Progress 55) I’m still running a touch behind.  We’ll quickly run through all the action that came our way in Las Vegas this week, as not only did Smackdown give us three Championship matches, but the culmination of the Mae Young Classic and the wonderful women’s talent therein was also on display.

Smackdown Live – Sin City Smackdown

The Sin City aspect wasn’t really at play beyond them changing the animations around the ring and the stage area.  But, when you’re going to have VKM in the house, you damn well better do something at least a little special.

  • Kevin Owens opens the show, explains some of the changes he has for The Kevin Owens Show once he’s finished suing the pants off of the entire WWE and he owns the brand.  Shane’s music started, but it was more of Dolph Ziggler’s tour through the WWE Encyclopedia of Entrances.  Daniel Bryan interrupts him, but it seemed weird because I think they were stalling because Vince was running late or something.  Seemed pointless to have this split across a second segment, which closed the show.
  • AJ Styles def. Tye Dillinger via the Calf Crusher to retain the United States Championship – It wasn’t so much an open challenge this week, as AJ promised the opportunity to Dillinger.  Corbin got involved, but he didn’t necessarily play into the finish, as even after his involvement Tye still almost won.  I think this ends up being a Triple Threat Match at Hell in a Cell, which I’m totally ok with.
  • Natalya successfully defended the Smackdown Women’s Championship against Naomi with the Sharpshooter – Carmella and Ellsworth created enough of a distraction at commentary that Natalya was able to whip Naomi into the turnbuckle, then toss her back inside to get the win.  I don’t really know what the point is in this women’s division anymore.  It’s stale and they don’t really do anything special in any of these matches anymore.  Where are the Horsewomen?
  • The New Day are your Four Time W W E WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSSSSSSSSSSS – There were some damn ugly spots in this match (see the Usos try to toss Kofi into the timekeepers area).  It didn’t quite have the magic of the Summerslam match, but it was still the best on this show.
  • Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeated The Hype Bros – I don’t really remember what happened in this match, it wasn’t necessarily memorable.  But after another frustrating defeat Zack Ryder abandoned the ring and stomped to the backstage area while Mojo and their opponents watched on in confusion.
  • Kevin Owens beat the hell out of Mr. McMahon – Vince reminded us all that he’s a Billionaire, which always goes over well.  He then put Kevin Owens in a Hell in a Cell match against Shane. Then he made the mistake of agreeing on live television that Kevin Owens could brutally attack a McMahon if provoked, which got the ok because Vince is so convinced Shane will win the Hell in a Cell Match.  The handshake agreement drew a vicious headbutt from Owens on the chairman, and then he just kept on until the close of the show.

Again, no cable so if I missed anything it’s because it wasn’t present on the Hulu edit.

205 Live

  • Recaps of the previous two TJP-Swann matches to build to the rubber match tonight.  Both competitors are trash talking over backstage interviewer who’s name I don’t remember (She is awful anyway).
  • Rich Swann defeated TJP with the Phoenix Splash – This was a great match where these two both got to put on a show, but Swann would end up winning the series.
  • Drew Gulak continued his political endeavors to keep 205 Live grounded, but was interrupted by Breezango.  They were responding to a “fashion felony” report that someone was going around dressed as Captain Underpants.  They cuff him and escort him out, but not before Breeze can inform the citizens that the Vegas streets are clean once again.
  • Cedric Alexander defeats The Brian Kendrick via DQ as Jack Gallagher turns heel – The two were in action when the Gallagher music hit.  It was easily assumed he was headed for Kendrick, but with William III in hand, he began assaulting Alexander, seeming to have some newly formed alliance with Kendrick.

Mae Young Classic Championship

  • Kairi Sane def. Shayna Baszler to become the first WWE Mae Young Classic Champion and will receive an opportunity at the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver:Houston – I didn’t like Shayna at any point in this tournament, and I think that her going this far in the tournament was part of a larger angle they’re intending to play with the two Horsewomen factions.  The right woman won this one though, as Sane was insanely exciting and the crowd absolutely loved her and her pirate gimmick.  I also think she may have attempted to kill Bianca Bel Air with that vicious elbow drop in the second round, which I’m cool with.  Congratulations Kairi.  As the Universe loves to say: you deserve it.