The Reales…..I can’t even do it. – 205 Live Recap – 8/22/2017

Fresh off having one match on the 13 match card at Summerslam (where the Cruiserweight Title changed hands in the kickoff show) let’s give the cruiserweight division a little more of the attention they deserve, shall we?

Long Reign the King

Neville lost the Cruiserweight title on Raw last Monday, his mind on 205 Live last Tuesday, reclaimed the title in the kickoff show on Sunday and would have to defend again on Tuesday.  He’s the under-205 Solomon Grundy.  Tonight he’s got Akira Tozawa’s contractual rematch, which I’m going to assume is Tozawa’s last run at the belt for a while, as Neville defeated Akira Tozawa via submission with the Rings of Saturn.  This match was pretty damn good, it got about 20 minutes of screen time and both competitors were giving it hell.  They seemed more invested in this one than in the match they had at Summerslam.

I say that Akira is probably out of that picture for a bit because of the debut of the newest member of the 205 Live Roster…..

Yes, that’s right.  Fresh off lubing himself up (in the actual Summerslam broadcast, because that match had any purpose and therefore was more important than a title match) and taking a win over Big Cass in a Brooklyn Street Fight because Cass’s knee literally exploded under the weight of his body, 205 Live is the new home of the locker room’s least favorite person, Enzo Amore.

There’s nothing I can say that Neville’s face didn’t perfectly capture in the moment.

The Rest of the Show

  • Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik def. Tony Nese and Drew Gulak – They may be building Alexander back up for something, but I wish they didn’t see the need to do it at the expense of Tony Nese.
  • Gallagher showed up for the duel Brian Kendrick challenged him to last week.  To turn the tide on the mind games, Kendrick sent a literal clown to the ring to duel with the clown he sees in Jack Gallagher.  Gallagher beats the clown, Kendrick gets him from behind and powerbombs him through a table.  The challenge is now set for Gallagher vs Kendrick next week in a No DQ match, which was announced later in the broadcast.

If there’s one thing that I really want to point out here, it’s that both of the actual matches got about 20 minutes of screen time.  The tag match displayed some great talent, and some really flashy moves from Gran Metalik.  Alexander seems to be getting his personality back.  205 Live is definitely on the way up, so let’s hope that Enzo doesn’t destroy what we’ve got here.

That’s your show, let’s see what NXT has for us this evening.