Last Man Standing – A WWE Raw Recap for 8/7/2017

Tonight’s Raw comes to us from one of The Dark Match’s beloved venues: The Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News”

If you’re in our neck of the woods, that means one of two things:  1) Either you’re our friends and you like us or 2) you really, really, really like wrestling.  If you’re in category number 2, you’ve already heard that Bayley’s separated shoulder is going to put her out of action for Summerslam.  Sorry huggers.

Side note:  I was going to put a gif of Bayley, prefably of a deflated tube man, but got weirded out with Giphy’s obsession with Bayley’s ass.  It makes me feel dirty.  I don’t like it.  Stop it, internet!

If she gets to pick, she’d love Sasha to take her place.  It won’t quite be that easy.  First, the 6 eligible women will have to fight in two seperate qualifying triple threat matches with the winner to meet next week on the Raw before Summerslam.

Sasha Banks Vs. Emma Vs. Alicia Fox

For the first time since being fully back, it seemed like Emma was actually allowed to be the good wrestler that she is.  Perhaps they’re worried on hitting the gas with her since she’s been a little injury prone since being on the main roster.  Alicia Fox was also in the match.

Sasha Banks got Fox in the Banks Statement but Emma was able break the submission and roll up the Boss into a pin.  The Boss thwarted that attempt and trapped Emma in the Banks Statement for the tap out victory.

Nia Jax Vs. Dana Brooke Vs. Mickie James

…is a match that also happened.  Nia Jax pins Brooke after a big leg drop for the three count.

EnShow Vs. Gallows and Anderson

With all the negative news about Enzo, it’s good to see him get a good reception.  It definitely makes it very hard for WWE to bury Enzo.  Whatever happens, it’s nice to see him tagging with Big Show.  And Show seems like he’s having a good time.  Is he just good at his job or does he like Enzo for real?

Gallows and Anderson use a distraction from Big Cass to knock Show off the apron and pin Enzo for the victory.  After the match, Cass beats down Show and Enzo until Show hits him with the KO Punch to end the segment.

Will Enzo get moved to NXT or 205 Live?  We will find out soon.

But for now, it looks like Enzo is going to be suspended above the ring in a shark cage at Summerslam, while Big Show and Big Cass go at it.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Sheamus is looking pretty jacked!  Seth took on the Irishman himself and lost in a quick rollup after a brutal match.  Before the match, Dean said he wouldn’t get involved if Seth bit of more than he could chew.

Dean kept his word.

Realizing this, Sheamus and Cesaro just beat Seth down after the match with no reprisal.

Dean confronted Seth backstage and thanked him for making him look like an asshole just because he kept his word.

I’m not exactly sure what’s happening in this picture but I love it.

Dean took on Cesaro later on in the evening in a match in a match that somehow seemed more physical than Seth’s with Sheamus.  Cesaro relentlessly worked on Dean’s back and almost made him tap with a Sharpshooter.  Dean was eventually able to roll up Cesaro for the 3-count and instantly feels the wrath of Sheamus.

This time, Seth returned the favor and helped Dean fight back.  An appreciative Ambrose stuck out his fist in familiar Shield fashion.

Seth wasn’t having it.  He left Dean hanging just like Dean left him hanging last week and earlier in the night.

Last Man Standing

I could watch Strowman Vs. Reigns every week.  Some highlights:

  • Reigns hits a Samoan Drop onto a table.
  • Strowman throws a padded chair at Roman (pictured above) and he sells it as one of the most devastating maneuvers of all time.
  • Roman uses the entire runway to get great speed on a good spear.

How’s it end?  Unexpected Joe.  He was just waiting in the crowd and got Roman with a Coquina Clutch over the barricade.  He released Reigns and the ref counted to 10.  Strowman wins.

Everything Else

  • Jason Jordan still has the worst music on the roster for the second week in a row.  He destroys local talent Jean-Pierre Goulet, who was just hanging out next to a forklift in the back.  He was originally scheduled to face Curtis Axel, but the Axe man was destroyed by Brock Lesnar.  It looks like they are using the same Angle playbook.  He got solid boos when he decimated the local talent.  He’s a heel.
  • Akira Tozawa, with a magically healed shoulder, defeated Ariya Daivari.   Every time I watch Tozawa, I’m really impressed.  I love him.  He does a lot with very little wasted effort.
    • Speaking of, I only recently learned of a feud between Tozawa and Jon Moxley (aka Dean Ambrose) back in DragonGate USA.  Stuff like this promo from Moxley really shows the potential in Dean that’s not quite on WWE television.  That being said, Dean is an interesting character.  He’s not quite a heel and not quite a face either.  This should probably be it’s own article.
  • Wyatt attempted to attack Bálor but when he tried to materialize Finn was already on the top turnbuckle ready to strike.  Finn teed him up for the Coup de Grace but Wyatt vanished again.  He showed up on the tron to basically setup a match for Summerslam.
  • Brock Lesnar was on Miz TV to basically destroy the Miztourage.  Seriously, that happened.  Miz invited Jason Jordan out to get revenge from last week but Kurt Angle showed up to give Miz The Beast instead.  Miz cut an excellent promo, as always, until Brock did the Brock thing and destroyed everyone in the ring.  I dug it.
  • Goldust is auditioning a new opponent for Summerslam.  Who will it be?  Adam Cole?