Crowdsourcing – WWE Battleground 2017 Recap and Reactions – 7.23.2017

The Dark Match is proud to bring to you our first crowdsourced article.  WWE Battleground was live last night from Philadelphia, PA, and here with your recap is our newest contributor, Ryan.

Good evening Dark Matchers and Matchettes, grab your flags and get ready to chant U.S.A. because it’s time to battle!

  • We start the night off with Ty Dillenger and Aiden English on the kickoff show. The Phantom of the Opera started strong and managed to keep up the pace against the perfect ten, to ultimately leave him the absolute zero. Aiden English picked up the win here.
  • Battleground starts with a rousing speech of patriotism, followed by a harrowing recap of the drama brewing between our superstars. I don’t about you, but I’m waving my flag!
  • New Day V. The Usos:  Once again the crowd favorites, The New Day, skip their way to the ring donning their Red, White and Blue’s, truly their best outfits. Kofi Kingston waited no time getting started with a kick to the face as the bell rang. After a strong start, the Uso’s started gainging momentum with some penitentiary style beat down on Xavier Woods. Xavier manages to fight back with his head before tagging in a high energy Kofi. It was short lived, Logo goes for the trust fall, only to be caught in a a double suplex. Putting the New Day’s hopes of gold squarely on the shoulders of Xavier. Xavier takes an immeasurable amount of abuse, and fought through a kick to the face and a punishing lock on his knee, crawling his way to the bottom rope. Justin time Logo makes it back to his feet for the tag, landing a Midnight hour. The Uso’s started to take control again and looked to end the New Day’s hopes before running into some trouble in paradise and a he’ll of a flying elbow from Xavier. In the end, it is a new day after all, as the New Day become the first tag team to become Raw and Smack Down tag champions.  

  • Shinsuke V. Corbin:  Nakamura managed to get through his entrance without being jumped by Corbin, I’m calling this a win already. An obviously angry Nakamura starts the fight with an elbow to the face. After a few moments of the superstars spending time outside the ring, Corbin began lay waste to the artist. Nakamura tried lock the arm of Corbin before Corbin showcased his power picking Nakamura off the mat, and hitting him with a big boot. Corbin continued to attack Nakamura’s ribs with a bear hug. Nakamura managed to escape and began to show Corbin why he’s the king of strong style. Corbin managed to stay on his feet after multiple kicks to the head and body. Corbin slides out of the ring and then uses his incredible speed to rush back in and nearly decapitate Nakamura with a devastating tight arm. Nakamura back to his feet catches Corbin off guard with a knee to the head and lines up the kinsasha only to be caught in a deep six. Nakamura started to gain some steam and was ready to finish Corbin off before he caught Nakamura with a blatant low blow, earning the DQ. After leaving the ring and showing the WWE universe that he doesn’t care by waving the Money in the Bank brief case around, jumped back into the ring and attacked Nakamura with the briefcase and then taking Nakamura down with the end of days. Nakamura via DQ.

  • Fatal Five Way:  After several of our ladies were recognized at San Diego Comic Con this week for the incredible athletes and performers that they are, it’s time for fatal five way. After the initial chaos, the interesting team of Tamina and Lana started to take down the competition. Becky lynch rushed to Charlotte’s rescue only to find out, tea time is over. Becky looked strong, delivering exploders. Tamina established herself as a thorn in Becky’s side, before getting caught in a disarmer and being eliminated. Lana tried to take out Becky before quickly finding herself eliminated after a disarmer. Unfortunately Beckly was caught off guard by a handsy Natalya, who pinned Becky with a handful of tights. Charlotte showed us why these women are not to be messed by picking up a locked in Natalya from the mat and delivering a huge powerbomb. Charlotte went for the kill with a summersault from the top rope, but a clever Natalya gets her knees up at the last second and destroys the queen of smack down, pinning Charlotte and earning her championship opportunity at Summerslam against Naomi.  Natalya via pinfall, over Charlotte.

  • Kevin Owens V AJ Styles for the United States Championship:  The New face of America takes on the DUI Mugshot of America for the U.S. Championship. A.J. and Owens started off with some grappling and feeling each other out. Things turned ugly quickly when the two left the ring. Using the barricade to batter each other. Owens drives A.J. into the steel post leaving the champ writhing in pain. A.J. finds his way into the ring to tied up in a headlock, where Owens declares that he’s the phenomenal one. A.J. powers through the headlock twice, gaining a little momentum against Owens, only to find himself in a DDT by Owens. Neither performer seemed to have an answer for the other, trading counter for counter and big blow after big blow. A.J. gets Owens with the torture rack, a nice nod to the longest reigning U.S. Champion, Lex Luger. Neither competitor could find an edge, trying move after move only to be countered. A.J. is tossed into the ref leaving the ref dazed. A.J. and Owens then trade submission holds, A.J. locks in a crossface, and holds on as Owens rolls to escape, leaving A.J. flat on his back as a now lucid ref notices and begins his count. A.J. is left stunned after the New Face of America becomes a three time U.S. Champion.

  • USA V. Bulgaria:  RRRR-AMADOU!! Time for a classic Saturday morning man-slam flag match. The American faces the Bulgarian Brute. The Bulgarian goes after his flag after leaving Cena on the mat. Cena stopped Rusev from grabbing his flag with a bulldog from the top rope. Trying to seize an opportunity to grab his own flag, cena is caught by Rusev with an electric chair drop. Rusev continued to overpower cena, even after a brief moment of momentum from cena. Rusev catches cena mid air for a power bomb. Rusev is the first man to lower his flag from the pole. But like a red, White and blue powered machine, Cena mustered the strength to stop Rusev and lock him in the STF. Buying himself some time, Cena manages to to recover the stars and stripes from her pole. Rusev quickly attacks Cena, giving himself an opportunity to grab the Bulgarian flag and make his way to the finish line. This leaves Cena with having to choose to stop Rusev or retrieve and the stars and stripes. Cena launches an all out assault on Rusev, slamming him into the steel steps. Cena retrieves the stars and stripes and makes his way to the podium, but the Bulgarian Brute won’t be beaten that easily, Rusev catches Cena about about half way up the entrance ramp. Rusev taking full advantage of the no disqualification, grabs the steel steps and attacks Cena, slowing Cena enough for Rusev to take his flag half way up the ramp as well. Cena with Red white and blue coursing through his veins launches to his feet and attacks Rusev from behind. Rusev catches Cena mid air after Cena launched himself at Rusev. He then took precious time to set up two tables that he would fail to drive Cena through. Cena fights his way back and continues to push forward with the flag, fights his way, crawling for the podium to plant our beloved red white and blue symbol of freedom to end this war of giants. Rusev then attacks Cena with the flag very flag stand that would end this. With Cena left on the ground, Rusev attempts to end this, proudly walking the Bulgarian flag to the Bulgarian podium. In a moment that could only be described as a moment of pure American fueled patriotism and chants of U.S.A., Cena stops the Bulgarian flag with his Bare hands, pushing Rusev back. Rusev catches cena with a boot to the face and goes in to finish off Cena for good, as Rusev locks in his arms around Cena’s neck. But wait, Cena, refusing to let America down, lifts Rusev off his feet, walks to the top of the podium and gives Rusev and the country of Bulgaria a massive attitude adjustment, slamming Rusev through the two tables set up earlier. Then, Cena proudly planted the stars and stripes to win the match for America.   Johnnnnn Ceennna!

  • Let the 80’s die (Zayn V Kanellis):  Well since The Miz and Maryse went to Raw, I guess Smack Down decided to get the Great Value Miz and Maryse, any way I guess it’s time for the power of love and cheesy one liners. After losing to the guy wearing candy heart pants Zayn looked to exact revenge for his loss tuesday. Zany started strong before being distracted by Maria kanellis, giving Mike Kanellis the opportunity to do next with a big right hand again. After an uncomfortable Eskimo kiss over Zayn’s limp body, Mike tosses Zany back into the ring and continues to punish zany with a barrage of right arms and kicks. Zayn managed fight back and get momentum going his way. Setting up for the explorer Zayn is interrupted by Maria Kanellis, Mike Kanellis tries to capitalize on the distraction but, is no match, Zany catches him and throws him in the exploder. Setting up for his kick. Zayn delivers the kick and Mike Kanellis’ first loss. Love hurts.  So do kicks to the face.  Sami Zayn with the Helluvakick.  Come on, we all know this is what we’ve been waiting for.
  • Randy Orton V. Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship:  The Modern Day Stereotype awaits the Viper in the Punjabi Prison. Without the aid of the Singh brothers Mahal has to prove that he is the legitimate WWE Champion. Can someone please write to the WWE vfx team, we have to do something about the poor excuse of a viper projected on the entrance ramp as Orton walks down. It begins, Orton begins attacking Mahal. Mahal gets away, and calls for the first door to be opened, no surprise, neither superstar makes it through, Orton stops Mahal from from escaping and tries to escape himself only to be stopped by Mahal. The first door is closed for good. Mahal begins to target the injured arm of Orton, hoping to slow the Viper down. Door number two opens. Mahal tries to escape again, but Orton is still too fresh, and slams Mahal away from the door, Orton tries to crawl for the door but is grabbed by Mahal. With a few seconds left, Mahal scrambles for the door but is caught by Orton. Door number two is closed for good. A brief change of plans and Mahal tries to climb out of the inner structure. Stopped by Orton the fight is taken back to the ring. Mahal gains advantage by trapping Orton between the ropes and the steel reinforced bamboo, punishing Orton with blow after blow. Orton fights back and suplexes Mahal into the structure. Door number three is opened, this time called for by Orton. Orton makes his way for the door, starting to climb through the ropes and is grabbed by Mahal, Mahal punishes Orton for thinking that he could escape. Mahal tries forr the door but is grabbed by Orton. Orton goes for the door, ten, nine, but Mahal grabs Orton, six, five, Mahal slams protons injured shoulder, door number three is closed for good. The two tired men stare each other down, visibly tired and physically exhausted. Orton delivers a power bomb followed by a DDT. The final door is opened, called for by Orton, Orton looks at the door and back at Mahal, he slams the mat and sets up for the RKO, as Mahal stumbles to his feet he manages to counter Orton. And goes to set up a slam, thirty seconds, Mahal ready to finish off Orton is caught with an RKO out of nowhere. Twenty seconds left. What, the singh brothers appear and pull Mahal from the ring, Orton notices what happened and goes for the door, five, Orton reaches for the door, four, the singh brothers demand the door closed, two, Orton inches toward the door but it’s too late. The final door is closed. The singh brothers help Mahal too his feet and Orton begins to climb the inner structure. Mahal is almost to the top of the outer structure when he realizes Orton has climbed to the top of the inner structure. Orton stares Mahal down, realizing he has to do something drastic and reaches for tfhe outer structure rather than climbing down. Mahal knowing he won’t beat Orton over, now that Orton is on the outer structure, attacks Orton twenty feet in the air. The two superstars trade blows, trying to dislodge the other. Orton manages to knock Mahal from the outer structure and is immediately pulled down by the singh brothers before he can climb out. The singh brothers hold Orton allowing Mahal to climb. Orton breaks free and suplexes the singh brothers before turning his attention to Mahal. Mahal, feet from the top, is pulled down by Orton. Back on the ground the men trade blows before Mahal attacks Orton with a kindo stick. After fighting back, Orton gets his hand a kindo stick and begins to level the playing field, laying waste to Mahal and the singhs. It’s Ortons time, he begins to climb and that s when we find out how the singhs got in, samir singh crawls through the outer structure wall and climbs even to Orton and ties Orton up. Orton fights back landing blow after blow on samir, until samir falls fifteen feet through the announcers table. But this allowed Mahal enough time to begin climbing and take on Orton. The two men find themselves back on the ground, fighting, before Orton hits Mahal with a DDT to the floor. Orton pulls out a chair and begins to lay waste to remaining singh brother and Mahal. Orton begins to climb again, a then broken singh brother tries to slow Orton, but is no match and falls to the floor. Oton’s path is clear, no one between him and his 14th championship…. but, the Great Khali enters and rushes the structure, shaking the wall dislodging Orton, Orton falls clinging to the structure before he is grabbed by the throat. His throat trapped in the giant hand of the Great Khali, Mahal begins to climb out of the structure, pausing for a moment to stare at Orton, relishing in orton’s inevitable defeat. Mahal reaches the ground and the Great Khali drops Orton’s limp body to the floor. Mahal retains the championship.  And Khali is back.  What?!?!?!?!?!?