The One Where the Jobber Pulls Double Duty – 205 Live Recap – 7/11/2017

San Antonio gets to play host to 205 Live, the most exciting hour of WWE programming on television (usually) following a pretty good Smackdown Live, so what have they got lined up for us.

  • The show kicks off with Akira Tozawa on speakerphone with Titus, because that’s how people talk on the phone especially in a professional environment.  He’s interrupted by Ariya Daivari (thankfully) who hangs up on Titus and let’s Tozawa know that they have a match and it’s up next.
  • Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari: I like Daivari, but unfortunately this isn’t about him.  He gets a few shots in before Tozawa takes him down and heads to the top rope.  Ariya Daivari wins via DQ when Neville yanks Tozawa off the top rope and brutally beats him before locking in the Rings of Saturn until Tozawa appears to pass out…from the pain I guess?
  • Drew Gulak delivers another stellar campaign ad style promo, where he apologizes for his falling prey to peer pressure and attempting a top rope maneuver two weeks ago.  The two will wrestle next week in a two-out-of-three falls match in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • You are reminded, via video package, of how both TJP and Rich Swann are horrible people with superiority complexes.
  • Rich Swann vs Jobber (Mario Conners): This match is pretty quick, seemingly to build up Swann with this ongoing TJP thing.  Actually, really quick, as you’re soon informed.  TJP is at the commentary desk but not on commentary for the match, which Rich Swann wins in 3:49, and he gets in the ring and taunts Swann for taking so long to beat a local talent (I’m assuming).  He then says he could easily have beaten him in a fraction of that time……
  • TJP vs Jobber (Mario Conners): TJP has a clock put on the tron, but you won’t need it.  He beats Conners in under thirty seconds, and there is no more promo here, he just stares at Swann.
  • More in the ongoing saga of The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher.  Long and the short of it, Gallagher is a joke and Kendrick is a blue collar hero who’s upset that the Universe supports Gallagher because they like to laugh with him rather than support the guy that has scratched and clawed just to survive in professional wrestling.  It was a pretty good promo.  They brawled.  I’m enjoying this, let’s hope they don’t stretch it out entirely too long like they did with Kendrick-Tozawa.
  • Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander in an I Quit Match:  This is a solid showing from both guys, especially Dar.  It’s great when these guys are given enough time to showcase their talents and not just tossed in four minute matches.  Dar is really damn good, and his ring psychology may be even better.  It doesn’t help, as Cedric Alexander gets Dar to Quit by smashing his hand by jumping up and down on a chair with his hand wedged in it.  That was a really hard thing to describe.  That wasn’t really the story here though.
  • There will probably not be anymore Alicia Fox on 205 Live, as Noam quit that too, as he doesn’t need her now that he’s used her to get where he needs to be on the roster.  He’s the Scottish Supernova, he’s got a woman in every port.  That saying is typically more sexist, but that’s what you’re getting from me today.