North, South, East and West, Everybody Knows My Name – 205 Live & NXT Recap – June 20-21, 2017

Still at the Nutter Center, 205 Live presents a pretty solid card, as people look to settle scores.

  • Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs Tony Nese – Following last week’s confrontation during the Austin Aries promo, Gallagher gets a chance to show Nese some respect.  Both of these guys get plenty of time to showcase their wares, but Tony Nese plays possum with a shoulder injury long enough to get the distraction from the referee on Gallagher, hitting him with a school boy into the corner followed by a brutal running knee to the face.  Tony Nese picks up the pinfall.
  • Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak – It’s not the first time you’ve seen it, but it’s just as good as every time you’ve seen it.  These two are easily two of the most talented people on this roster not named Neville, and they put on a clinic in both how to be electrifying in the ring and legitimately wrestle simultaneously.  Much like last time with Gulak picking up the win on a roll up, Ali turns the tables and picks up a win the same way.  Mustafa Ali is victorious.
  • Main Event – Rich Swann vs Neville (Non Title Match) – Watch this match as a clearly defined image of exactly what The Neville Level is.  Every aspect of Neville’s performance here is unrivaled by nearly anyone else in the company, not just the Cruiserweights.  Rich Swann is no slouch, and his in ring work is solid, but there is simply nobody that can do all the things that Neville is capable of.  At one point, he was perched to dive from the top rope, but Swann rolled away and Neville, rather than dropping down like most would have, simply lowered himself back into a crouched position and waited.  It was seamless, and probably something that went vaguely unnoticed, but it is the little things like this that Neville does that elevate him beyond just a ridiculously jacked, strong small guy.  Neville picks up the win, as could be expected, and with Akira Tozawa sitting VIP at ringside courtesy of the Titus Brand, the two exchanged glances.  I would imagine this title match finally happens at Great Balls of Fire (that’s still a stupid PPV name).

Another episode of NXT prerecorded at Full Sail University.  I’m curious to know when they’ll finally just start doing live shows during all the touring they do now.  They wouldn’t even have to get larger arenas, just put a touch more work into the production value.

  • Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs Ember Moon – Let’s not overlook Peyton Royce as a damn solid worker in the ring, and her gimmick with Billie, while kind of obnoxious, is obnoxious in the way that it is absolutely working, but this was not about her.  This was the welcome back showcase for Ember Moon.  Ember Moon picks up the win with the Eclipse.
  • The Ealy Brothers vs Sanity (Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe) – Young hits the leaping neckbreaker and Sanity wins, because the Ealy Brothers are enhancement talent who will likely have a new name in a few months, much like….
  • Rachel Evers vs Sonya Deville – Yes, Sonya Deville is Daria Berenato.  I don’t ever really understand why they change their names like this.  I mean, Patrick Clark isn’t necessarily established, but now you’ve essentially given him a Prince-like version of Cody Rhodes becoming Stardust.  Anyway, she’s a bad ass, so let her do whatever she would like.  Rachel Evers didn’t stand a chance in hell here.  Sonya Deville via submission with the double wrist lock.
  • Video of Roddy and Roode getting into it at the what I think was the Performance Center?  I’m not entirely sure.  Roode told Strong he could have a shot at the belt any time, any where.  So in two weeks, that will happen on the 400th episode of NXT.
  • Main Event – Kassius Ohno vs Aleister Black – These two are big strikers, but the real story of most of this match was pacing and technical savvy.  I think most people probably expected Ohno to punch the shit out of Black and Black to kick the shit out of Ohno throughout, but that’s not at all how this went.  It was a lot of lock holds.  The Full Sail crowd doesn’t really ever sound excited for solid technical wrestling, which is sad, as these people get the fortunate advantage of living in NXTs backyard.  I don’t see either of these guys being in NXT for too long.  Chris Hero is basically a non-Samoan version of Samoa Joe.  Dude has wrestled everywhere and has a cult following from the Indys.  Black Mass as Aleister Black picks up the big win here.  We will see these two do battle again.

That’s your other two hours for the week.  Keep an eye out for more Dark Match wrestling coverage throughout the week.