The Other Two Hours – NXT/205 Live – Week of 4/11-16/2017

I’m not entirely sure what NXT Rage means, but as Triple H explained it:

Let’s see how Rage Filled this week’s episode of NXT can get as we kick off with Braun Strowman’s little brother (probably):

  • Aleister Black def. Corey Hollis – There wasn’t much here.  He did the spin kick and got the pinfall.  That was the entire match.  Poor Corey Hollis.
  • Tye Dillinger announced he will be in a cage match against Eric Young next week.  This is bold as all things Perfect should be.
  • #DIY def. Michael Blaze and Dylan Miley.  I don’t know who they are either.  Miley obliterated Blaze following the loss.  Miley is a big, George “The Animal” Steele looking guy.
  • Recap of the Ember Moon loss to Asuka, followed by a video package of Ember walking around the emptied Amway Center after TakeOver ended talking about how she’ll get her next time.  I’m sure she will, as Asuka will have beaten the Goldberg Streak* (she isn’t undefeated, she just didn’t take the pinfall/submission in multi-person matches she was involved in, which still counts).
  • Ruby Riot def. Kimberly Frankele.  Again, I don’t know who KF is, she got quite a lengthy entrance so you knew it wouldn’t be a squash match.  Nikki Cross appeared out of the crowd to watch Riot win on a Pele Kick.  The staredown continued but Nikki Cross just laughed her way back up the ramp rather than this one coming to blows.
  • Another AoP promo video, as if anyone is watching this that doesn’t know who they are.  I don’t get why they do these sometimes.
  • Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are filming more backstage stuff at the Performance Center where they’re basically just being awful people.  Liv Morgan pushed Billie Kay into the cold bath and she just screamed for about 3 minutes.
  • Drew McIntyre def. Oney Lorcan because Oney Lorcan is now glorified enhancement talent.  That’s not to say they didn’t let Lorcan put up a fight, like they always did with Dillinger when he was taking a loss to build another talent.  McIntryre’s entrance video/bagpipe entrance music is pretty damn good.  This guy has the sort of look they’re going to push really hard.  If Bobby Roode stays in NXT through the next Wrestlemania, I’d expect TakeOver New Orleans to be McIntyre vs Roode for the NXT Championship.
  • Full Sail and the NXT Locker Room say goodbye to Nakamura.  It was a nice segment.  Finn Balor was even on hand for it.

Climb on board the Evil TJP Train

  • Mustafa Ali def. The Brian Kendrick via pinfall.  During the match, Kendrick broke the Captain’s Hook when Tozawa in the timekeepers area rang the bell leading Kendrick to believe he got the submission victory.  I don’t care about that storyline, and I know Vince doesn’t read this, but PLEASE KEEP PUSHING MUSTAFA ALI!  This guy is amazing.  Lesson Number Two:  Appearances can be deceiving.
  • A non-dabbing TJP is a lot more enjoyable.  He cuts a promo in the back talking about his attack on A Double.  Gallagher questions his honor.  Should be a decent match.
  • Rich Swann def. some jobber that looked a hell of a lot like a bloated Noam Dar.  Dar came out and talked crap about Swann, then a courier showed up to deliver another gift from Dar to “Alicia Fauxxxxxx”.  It was essentially an anthrax package, as white powder exploded all over them both.  Swann laughed away as his music played.
  • A Double is awesome.  I won’t describe the backstage promo, but the banana looked very fresh.
  • TJ Perkins def. Jack Gallagher with the Detonation Kick.  It was a damn good match.  Perkins took a massive bump on a back superplex from the top rope.  Gallagher is damn good in the ring, I wish they didn’t feel the need to use the umbrella gimmick as it sort of cheapens how talented he is.  Perkins in heelish ways attacks a seemingly injured leg throughout the match.  I really don’t mind angry TJP.  Let’s just quit with the damn dab.  Corey Graves, Tom Phillips and A Double are all barking about how terrible it is.  Just stop.  Neville greets his protege at the top of the ramp, holding his hand high in victory.