“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas” – NXT TakeOver San Antonio Predictions

The WWE must share the same sentiment as Davy Crockett, as this is like the 11th PPV/Network Special from the Lone Star State in the last calendar year.  But given the old adage that everything is bigger in Texas, this TakeOver card is looking pretty good, so let’s see what The Dark Match team is thinking for these match ups.

Roderick Strong vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

Matt:  Strong has a ridiculously long resume, and has an extensive history with Austin Aries.  As excited as I was for Cien during his coming soon promos, I’ve been sort of unimpressed thus far.  Perhaps putting these two proven veterans in the ring together will lead to something spectacular.  I’m rather indifferent on this one, but what I’ve seen from Roderick Strong thus far has been pretty impressive, and given that he was just thrust right into that fatal four way match a few weeks back, the company seems pretty high on him.  Roderick Strong

Jeremy:  Early word is this is killing it on the house show circuit.  I’m going to go with Almas just to be contrarian.  I don’t really have anything to back this up.  I’m excited to watch this match.

Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young

Matt:  The numbers game will get the better of Dillinger, but it’s probably for the best.  A win for Dillinger and you’d just assume he’s staying around NXT for another while, but a loss here and it still leaves the door open for him to move on, preferably as the #10 entrant in the Royal Rumble match.  I think he’d be really successful on Smackdown Live, and I think the wider main audience would take to him well.  This has the potential to be the match of the night if they give these two enough time to put on a show, especially considering that your normally surefire match of the night guys in DIY are stuck wrestling the lame ass Authors of Pain.  Eric Young wins, moves closer to a title run.

Jeremy:  Tye is the underdog.  Expect another disappointment for him here.  But hopefully it’s clearing the way for a “perfect” 10th entrance into the Rumble.  Eric Young wins, possibly through some Dusty finish.

Matt:  I’m not a fan of the Authors of Pain.  I mean, look at the amount of eyeliner in that image alone.  There’s nothing intimidating about that.  While you’re looking at the picture, try not to let Ciampa’s eyes peer into your soul, they have the power to do that.  In any event, I think fans would revolt if DIY drop the titles to these two, unless they’re on their way up soon too, which is possible.  I think there is a gap in the Smackdown Tag Team division with Zack Ryder going down after becoming #1 contenders, and the Raw tag division has felt thin as shit since the brand split, so it could be possible that they put the belts on AoP and use them as the monsters with the belts to build a growing team, such as TM-61, to overtake the monsters.  DIY retains.

Jeremy:  DIY retains by double submission.  Although the one that looks a bit more like D’Lo Brown Jr. taps first.

Asuka vs ……………….. – NXT Women’s Championship

Matt:  I didn’t even bother listing all their names, because it won’t matter.  An angry Asuka will obliterate this entire group en route to her finally taking on Ember Moon at TakeOver Orlando, who is unfortunately missing from this card.  Asuka cleans house.

Jeremy:  The news on the house show circuit is that this match was pretty sloppy and kind of killed the crowd.  Hopefully they’ve fixed it and put on a good show here.  Asuka wins.  No question.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Glorious Bobby Roode – NXT Championship

Matt:  This one could go either way and I wouldn’t be upset.  I’m almost more excited for the possibility of the Bobby Roode promo that would come two weeks later on NXT as he hails the title is finally restore to it’s …. GLORY.  Nakamura is fantastic, but I wonder just how high Vince might be on him given his difficulties with the English language.  I think he’ll stay in NXT for another bit, especially with Samoa Joe headed up, and we’ll see these two square off again, probably in some sort of Fatal Four Way, at NXT TakeOver Orlando.  Bobby Roode is your new NXT Champion

Jeremy:  I love Nak but I think it’s time for the Glorious era.  I’m not sure if that means anything for Nak and the main roster.  I’ve been way wrong with Bálor in the past.  However, Bobby is your hot new heal.  Him and Nak can be on top for a bit.  Bobby Roode is your new Champion.