Survivor Series Predictions


WWE Survivor Series 2016 will be live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Sunday night, and so will The Dark Match.  Follow us on social media, who knows what we’re liable to do in the Great White North.

Let’s just kick this thing off with the singles matches.


Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

Matt:  I’ve got to start by saying that I wish they would quit calling this fantasy warfare.  Goldberg and Lesnar have wrestled before, in an extremely boring match.  There is no fantasy here, it’s happened before.  Fantasy Warfare would be something like Edge coming out of retirement to wrestle AJ Styles or Hulk Hogan body slamming Braun Strowman.  Goldberg has been training, a lot, and he appears to have been training in MMA style combat.  Lesnar is already equipped to move fast.  This match should be a hell of a lot better than the first go around, but the outcome is going to be disappointing because you know they aren’t going to let Lesnar lose, or even if they wanted him to, Lesnar would refuse to lose.  By God, Goldberg looks damn good to be almost 50, but he’s going to be left in a pile by The Beast, BROOOCKKKKK LESSSSNARR.

Jeremy:  This is “Fantasy Warfare” but the result will be something resembling a shoot. Brock will start off strong. Goldberg will get in some hope spots and really make it look like he’ll win. Perhaps he’ll get a Jackhammer on Brock but they’ll be a kick out.  One “dream scenario” I’ve seen on a forum involves the debut of Samoa Joe.  Joe, upon being denied the NXT Championship the previous night, crashes the party causing a No contest finish.  It sets up a Joe Vs Brock at the Royal Rumble and allows Goldberg not to take a loss. I don’t think that’s likely to happen but I’d like it to.  Brock wins via pinfall.


Brian Kendrick vs Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship and Division

Matt:  I am really looking forward to this match for two reasons.  The first is that this match actually has stakes to it, other than Brock Lesnar’s damaged pride, and the second is that while he has been booked pretty terribly for as long as I have been watching the program, Kalisto is damn talented.  He carried the Lucha Dragons.  And putting him in the ring with an incredibly high quality worked like Kendrick should help showcase some more of that.  This one seems like a no brainer, with Kalisto taking the win and Smackdown absorbing the Cruiserweight division as the 205 Live thing is going to be on Tuesday nights, plus feeling the need to put live in the title screams Smackdown.  Kalisto wins, and then he gets to wrestle all those awesome CWC competitors going forward.  I’m excited to get to see more of the Cruiserweight Division.  Raw was never going to give them enough screen time to really do anything.

Jeremy:  On one hand, the whole fact that this match was made makes me believe that Kalisto has this in the bag. I hate that Kendrick will lose this to Kalisto. He makes a great champ and Kalisto’s run with the US Championship earlier this year was lackluster at best.  Because of that, I’m going to bet that Kendrick loses the match by DQ. He’ll retain the Cruiserweight Championship via Champion’s Advantage but lose the division to SmackDown and get heat in the process.  He’s the man with the plan after all.


The Miz vs Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship

Matt:  As much as I don’t want Raw to get to have a belt with such a substantial history as the Intercontinental Championship has, as one of the few belts in the company that has stood the test of time, that’s what’s happening here.  The other thing that I don’t like is that Miz wouldn’t get a rematch, but I’m glad that it’s him eating this loss and not poor Ziggler.  Sami Zayn already has some of the pieces in place for good feuds for this belt, and one that I would particularly like would be against Chris Jericho, the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.  He’s also just recently been on the wrong side of Rusev.  This is just getting started.  Sami will make a good IC Champ, so I’m ok with this decision.

Jeremy:  I really, really hate to lose the IC championship to Raw. I don’t think they need it, but it looks very likely that VKM is making the switch. The Miz has been stellar, as has Ziggler.  Perhaps they can both enter the world title scene to compensate.  I am happy that Sami will be champion.  I think he wins with a Blue Thunder Bomb. I know, he never wins with that, but I think this weekend is the time.

The Survivor Series Matches


Team Raw vs Team Smackdown Tag Team Survivor Series Match

Matt:  If I wasn’t just completely stoked knowing that I will get to see both Mojo and American Alpha, this would probably be my bathroom break/beer run.  That’s 18 men on the apron and 2 in the ring.  You won’t even be able to see what’s going on.  Plus you’ll have Xavier Woods dancing around on the outside creating yet more distraction from the match itself.  But please believe that I am Team Smackdown all the way on this one.  It’s the only one that I think they’ll let Smackdown win because they sure as hell aren’t going to let both Charlotte and Roman Reigns take defeats at a PPV.

Jeremy:  This is either going to be a complete mess or a lot of fun, nowhere in between.  There’s going to be a lot of bodies on that apron. Either way, I think SmackDown has the more cohesive team. Victory party in Heath’s above-ground pool.  I expect American Alpha to be the sole survivors, starting their push to the tag champs at Royal Rumble. The Usos will probably win the titles at TLC to setup a traditional face vs heel matchup.


Team Raw vs Team Smackdown Women’s Division

Matt:  I sort of just covered this one.  As much as I prefer the majority of the Smackdown team here to Raw’s lineup, of which I only really care about Bayley, there’s too much attention paid to Charlotte’s Undefeated at a PPV Streak for them to let her team lose here.  This should be the Bayley show though, as I imagine they’re going to have big Nia Jax go down early to “even the odds” so that Raw has to come from behind.  Team Raw

Jeremy:  I think Raw has this one in the bag.  I think Carmella will mess things up for the SmackDown team.  One thing I think we can all agree on is that Alicia Fox will be the first one eliminated from the match.  Raw wins via pinfall with Bayley as the sole survivor.


Team Raw vs Team Smackdown Men’s Division

Matt:  As much as I also want Smackdown to pick this victory up, I don’t see it happening.  Much like with the Women’s match, I imagine that Smackdown will use double team maneuvers early to get rid of Strowman, but something has to happen on the Smackdown side to set up for Undertaker’s new feud.  Team Raw

Jeremy:  With the Undertaker entering the picture Tuesday, I feel it’s all but assured that SmackDown is losing here.  How, is the question.  I’m thinking Orton causes some kind of loss setting up a feud with the Deadman.  Orton works super safe and would be a good first feud back for the aging Taker.  Who is the sole survivor on Team Raw? I’m hoping anyone but Roman, but it’s going to be Roman. 

Random Prediction for the Evening


Matt:  Triple H shows up and hits a Pedigree on Kevin Owens, rolling AJ Styles on him for the win.  Triple H explains on Raw that he simply just likes the Chaos.  He will wrestle Jericho at Royal Rumble.  And yes, Triple H landing a pedigree was my random prediction for both PPV shows.  It’s all about The Game.

Jeremy:  Jeremy is already almost in Toronto, so I’m going to make this prediction for him.  Luke Harper will cost team Smackdown the Men’s SS Match because he’s jealous of Randy Orton.  The Undertaker will then have a single’s feud with Luke Harper.