A Celebration of Life – Smackdown Live 900 Recap (11/15/16)

Before we start the recap for Smackdown Live 900, which I’m incredibly excited about, let’s take a moment to remember the Cream of the Crop, The Macho Man Randy Savage, who would have turned 64 today.  Somewhere in the afterlife, there’s a glowing gold ring where we’ll get to see Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior again.  That’s an afterlife I could behave to get to.


Rest in Peace you glorious neon angel.


Tonight is the 900th episode of Smackdown (Live/Not Live), which you’ll be reminded of throughout, but it’s a massive deal.

Throughout the history of Smackdown, particularly in the Teddy Long Era playa, playa, The Undertaker was a major part of the success of the Smackdown brand.  Now he’ll return for the 900th.  But that’s not all, tonight we get something I’m even more excited about…..


The Rated R Superstar Edge will host a special 900th Smackdown Edition of The Cutting Edge.  Edge has long been one of my favorites.  It goes back to the Hardy feud, both that in the Tag Division and then later the real life feud turned storyline with Matt Hardy.  Beyond stoked.

The Intercontinental Championship is up for grabs


While DB and Shane kick off the show, which is expected, it’s a big episode, they introduce the opening match, a stellar showing from Dolph Ziggler and The Miz prior to the title defense this Sunday against Sami Zayn.  All things considered, the outcome of this match won’t matter much as they’re trading belts with Raw (Intercontinental for the Cruiserweight) at Survivor Series, and it’s a good thing.  I think the IC belt will work well given the roster on the other side, in particular by providing something they can use to give Sami Zayn something to do, as well as another avenue to make use of the great Rusev, who was just kind of on the sh** end of the continuing push of Roman Reigns, even if lower on the card.

This match was great.  Maryse and The Spirit Squad play a role in the outcome, as they use both distraction and physical interference to send the belt back to the A-Lister.  I’m ok with this, as both Miz and Ziggler have to eat losses before the week’s end, so they’re still on the same level.  I kind of wish Ziggler was going to get some sort of role to play Sunday night, both because he’s earned a PPV showing and I’m a fan who will be in attendance.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m amazed this match got as much time as it did considering The Undertaker’s entrance will undoubtedly eat up so much time it’ll probably get a commercial break half way through.

Kalisto Squash


Kalisto got a squash match against an NXT guy, Oney Lorcan.  He had to get an easy win going into the big Kendrick Cruiserweight Title match on Sunday Night.

So I have a question about Nikki Bella

Can someone explain what the hell the point is of that “overshirt” that she rips off during her entrance?  It’s the exact same as the “wrestling top” she’s got on underneath.  It makes absolutely no sense to me.



Every time I think this is finally going to happen, it doesn’t.  I’m actually excited to see these two wrestle.  They’re both pretty damn talented members of the Women’s Division.  Carmella’s shtick worked better when she was with Enzo and Cass, but she’s holding her own.  Definitely worked to her benefit to go heel early.

They work a lengthy match, Carmella putting the intensity on display that she’s shown of late.  It was great.  At one point, she hits a neckbreaker on Nikki to the floor from the apron.  Incredibly well executed, and bravo to Nikki Bella for taking the risks on that repaired neck.

About 2/3 of the way through this one, Charlotte comes through the crowd and sits at ringside.  Nikki clocks her at ringside, then the rest of team Raw runs through the crowd after the DQ.  It was kind of like the Men’s segment that closed Raw, but it interfered in what was a high quality match.  I wish the match got the chance to finish clean before the brawl broke out.

As could be expected, Nia Jax just mauled everybody until she attempts a spear on Becky Lynch on the outside and misses, going into the barricade.  Smackdown’s women got to stand tall, just like Raw’s men, on their respective brands.  Naomi hits a big springboard splash to the outside, it was pretty great.  That match has the potential to be fantastic if they let them go for a while and really highlight each participant.  I want to see Carmella in the ring with Nia.  For some reason I feel like that’s go the potential to be a really good matchup.

Damn it WWE, we freaking get it

900 more promos for Goldberg-Lesnar.  Seriously, we’re watching Smackdown the week of.  We know that Goldberg and Lesnar will have a match on Sunday.  You’re burning time that we desperately need to get Undertaker’s entrance in its entirety.

What the hell is going on?

So tonight we’ve got 16 man tag action and I can’t tell what the hell is going on.  Sunday night there will be 20.  There are already way too many people on the side of the ring for this one.

One thing I do know, the crowd desperately wanted to see Heath Slater, who wasn’t part of the match but was in Team Smackdown’s corner as the Captains were coaching their team through a match against the 8 man team of The Ascension, The Vaudevillains, The Spirit Squad and….yes, that’s Mosh and Thrasher (The Headbangers) yet again.  Did they get a new contract?  Now the crowd wants Rhyno, a lot more than those in his district apparently did as he lost a pretty decisive election last week.

I’m truly glad that American Alpha appears completely healthy and they’re getting some push.  Those guys are amazing.  If you’ve been reading my recaps/reviews for any length of time, you have to have noticed how much I’m drawn to legitimately talented technical wrestlers.  That’s why I like Ziggler so much.  But American Alpha are two of the most talented technical wrestlers I’ve ever watched perform.  Team Smackdown wins a really enjoyable match, just too many moving pieces to really focus on anything that was going on.

THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!!


Man, when Smackdown ends, I’m going to watch the Rivalries episodes again.

Tonight’s guests on the Cutting Edge is Team Smackdown (Men’s).

Oh, James Ellsworth gets more TV time, too.  That’s a crazy Offspring tattoo.  Who likes The Offspring that much?

This segment is exactly what you’d expect, with limited input from Edge.  And now, The Undertaker.

“Wrestlemania will no longer define who I am.  I am back taking souls and digging holes.”

The Undertaker is back, seemingly on more than the part time only showing up for major things like Mania or the 25th Anniversary of his debut at SS.

Why the hell did they even bother having Edge there?  He said 10 words.

Whatever.  I can’t wait for Sunday.  I’m so excited for Sunday this show could have been complete crap and I’d have still loved it.

Stay tuned, we may do exciting stuff from the great white North.