Everybody gets a Hell In A Cell Match! – A Raw Recap for 10/10/16

I’m going to try to keep this recap short and to the point because frankly, I’m a little worn out from a hell of a show on Sunday.

Everybody gets a hell in a cell match!

Yes, the rumors are true.  Sasha and Charlotte will be meeting in the Cell for the first time in WWE history.



Not only will Rusev Vs. Roman and Charlotte and Sasha will be in the cell but also Rollins Vs. Owens for the Universal Championship.

It just makes me extra disappointed in that the Hell In A Cell PPV last year.  Oh well.

So This Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar thing is happening

Look, I didn’t really watch the Paul Heyman speech.  I’m sure he introduced himself and added way more sylables than belong in Brock Lesnar’s name than deserve to be there.  Apparently this Goldberg thing is probably happening.  The challenge has been thrown down and it looks like it’s probably going to be accepted:

Bill, I hope that money truck that Vince is backing up to your house is gigantic, because you shouldn’t be coming out of retirement to job to Lesnar.

Actually, they should bring back The Million Dollar Man to schedule these special matches:

Neville is back, Y’all

Emo Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were supposed to face Enzo and Cass but they got ambushed by The Club on the way to the ring.  Instead, it was the return of Neville as he teamed with Sami Zayn.

We got that sweet Helluva Kick to Red Arrow Tag Team finisher for the win.  Welcome Back.

Mixed Tag Back in Action

(Or the only time Roman Reigns has been on the receiving end of uniniamous cheers)

It’s always great to see Mixed tag action.  We see Rusev and Charlotte Vs. Roman and Sasha.  We also get a moment that’s almost as good as when Roman teamed with Bray earlier this year.

Roman Spear Mixed Tag

Charlotte taps and Sasha’s music plays, filling the ring with cheers.  Roman is truly happy.  He’s forgotten what that feels like.  Just look at that face:

Everything Else

  • Bayley takes down another opponent in the squash.  But Dana cuts the celebration short and the tube men deflate.
  • Sin Cara is now officially in the Cruiserweight Division.  He teamed tonight with Lince Dorado facing Tony Nese and Drew Gulak and won.
  • Cesaro took on Kofi Kingston in Singles Action.  Sheamus was on Facebook Live for the entire match, not helping out his partner.  Big E was throwing cereal to the crowd from his tights.  Kofi botched jumping into the ring and everyone did a great job covering and finishing the match.  I’m sure its nothing serious.
  • Braun Strowman took out two ridiculous “brothers” named the Splash Brothers.  They failed to make one.  Braun demanded that Foley get him even tougher competition.
  • The Cruiserweight stuff continues to feel disjointed.  I’m off the opinion that they should kill the separate color scheme.  I’m sure the ring crew would love not to duct tape the ropes twice a night too.  They are building up a good rivalry here with TJ and Brian, so at least there’s that.
  • Speaking of TJ, he took out early CWC competitor Ariya Daivari.
  • Rollins and Jericho close the show with a match that, if Jericho wins, adds him to the Rollins Vs. Owens HIAC match.  Jericho loses.  Puts on a hell of a show though.  I’ve noticed Jericho can’t take Pedigrees for shit.
  • Jericho continues to kill it.
  • There’s probably other stuff I’m forgetting but the train rolls on.  Another 2 hours of wrestling tomorrow night.  Drink it in….Man!