Chrisley’s Corner – “Message in a Bottle Rocket” – Season 4 Episode 20 Recap


For the July 4th (filming date, not air date) episode of Chrisley Knows Best, “Message in a Bottle Rocket”, Todd plans a family bonding trip to some random ass farm in Georgia.  I won’t lie, I was falling asleep during this episode, the DietBet is taking a great deal of my energy in this last week, so I don’t remember what part of Georgia, let’s assume it was Helen, it looked like Helen.  By the way, Helen, Georgia is beautiful, especially in the Fall.  Can’t recommend it enough.

That being said, I’m with Chase on this one, why the hell are they on a farm for July 4th weekend?  I’ve been to Bonnaroo, why would you subject yourself to the elements of a southeastern summer on a farm if you didn’t have to?  I don’t feel like a lot happened in this episode, or maybe I’m super disappointed that the build up all week was about Mama Faye and she didn’t really do much of anything except be on Team Todd during a scavenger hunt, which wasn’t even all that interesting.  It’s no secret that I’m a Todd Chrisley mark, but this episode was sort of lackluster, but given that we’re towards the end of a fourth season of a reality show, I’m sure we’re going to come across some that aren’t great but are kind of funny enough to fill the void on Tuesday nights and get them through the season.  It wasn’t their best effort, but it had moments (as you’ll have any time you put a camera on Todd) and it wasn’t bad by any stretch.  I really think the promos about Mama Faye looking for a man and having a drink got me pumped, like finding out Ben Affleck was going to be Batman only to actually see Batman vs Superman.  .

The title of the episode refers to the closing moments, those before coming back from commercial for the bedside chat/credit sequence, when Chase and his friend have bought hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks and put on a fireworks display on the Farm.

I don’t like to revel in other people’s misfortune, but knowing that a divorce will play a role in season 5, should season 5 happen, excites me.

And bring me more Mama Faye in Season 5.


See you next week, Same Todd Time, Same Todd Channel.