Chrisley’s Corner – Season 4 Episode 19 – “Go Flip Yourself”


You think I’m kidding.  When Todd posted this on his Facebook page yesterday, the caption of the photo alone, “I believe I could bullshit my way through this, it seems to be a common qualification,” said enough for me.

But this isn’t about the Chrisley 2020 Campaign.  This is about Season 4, Episode 19 entitled “Go Flip Yourself”.  Chase is attempting to follow in his father’s footsteps, having purchased a house he intends to flip.  Unfortunately, Chase has spent the better part of his formative years chasing tail instead of learning his father’s craft and he’s in well over his head.  It also doesn’t help that his dumb ass friend Parker is his “business partner” and while Chase could probably figure it out on his own, having Tweedledum around doesn’t help Tweedledee stay driven or motivated.  Eventually Chase has to break down and ask Todd for help, who only gives him the name and number of a contractor who comes in to help with the project.  I mean, the house looks ok when they’re done, but honestly the kitchen looks about the same as it did before Chase and Dipshit assaulted it with sledgehammers and the only thing that actually looked any different were the exposed hardwood floors and a coat of paint for moderate curb appeal.  And yes, I watch a shitload of HGTV so I can comment on a mediocre flip job.

Meanwhile, Todd’s friend Bill comes to town and the two love to pull pranks on Julie.  This is, of course, is all a lead in to the meat and potatoes (I promise I typed it before I considered the potential genitals joke) of the episode where Savannah, Julie and Mama Faye head to Drag Show Bingo to escape their antics only to have Bill and Todd turn up, in full drag, to join them for the evening.  It was funny, and I wish this had been the bulk of the episode.  Nobody gives a shit that Chase was able to flip a house that he bought with his trust fund.  It’s actually more irritating to the common viewer than anything else.

Anyway, another Chrisley in the books.  I’m glad Wikipedia has updated, as I was worried this was the season finale and we were only getting started.  You’ve got at least five more of these recaps to put up with before the show takes the seasonal break and comes back in the Spring….hopefully.