Chrisley’s Corner – Season 4 Episode 18 – “Review and Renew”


For September 20, 2016, Episode 18 of Seasons 4 entitled “Review and Renew”, the team did both things.  While Julie is in Atlanta with a friend visiting a doctor as “moral support” when she decides she needs vaginal rejuvenation, Todd takes it upon himself to direct a commercial for the family’s Juice Bar in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville.

I personally have not seen the episode/episodes where the family opened a Juice Bar, so all of this was strange to me, but apparently the Juice Bar was financed by Todd and Julie but Chase and Savannah run it.  When the Juice Bar only has 2 positive reviews, I’m assuming on Yelp, they decide they need to advertise.  What isn’t good advertising?  When Savannah and Chase are walking around Nashville trying to decide what they want for lunch and when Savannah recommends their own Juice Bar, Chase says, “I don’t want Juice Bar.”  You want cheap/free advertising, take your spoiled ass to the Juice Bar so USA televises from the damn location.

Anyway, Julie seems interested in getting her “cat snatched” as Todd so eloquently put it, even though the FCC has to know that snatch was probably a poor choice of words here, as it is slang….. actually I’m going to refrain from explaining this, as if anyone that reads this won’t already know where I’m going with it.  Todd shoots it down, and reassures his wife that he loves her just the way that she is.

The commercial is a different story, and was actually just a completely ridiculous segment I’m assuming that USA concocted to kill twenty minutes of TV time.  I’m not even going to describe it, I’m just going to paste it below.

If you can make any sense of it as an advertisement for a Juice Bar, I’m all ears.  If you can tell me when a pineapple became a protein, I’d love to see the science that determined that.  And if anyone knows how he just randomly came up with these costumes at the drop of a hat, I’d be interested in that information as well.

Until next week (Season 4 Finale), same Todd Time, same Todd Channel.