Chrisley’s Corner – Season 1 Recap


Season One introduces us to the Chrisley’s.  The theme of this season is essentially family drama and Chrisley & Co.  Savannah turns 16, so there’s a massive sweet 16 party.  She also gets a car, and we find out that she’s a terrible driver.  She backs into a car in a Zaxby’s parking lot, and she then gets a speeding ticket, losing the keys to her $80,000 Mercedes for six months.

You also learn things about the Chrisley’s that are sort of appalling, like the fact they are proud that they spend $300,000 a year on clothing.

Todd is also knee deep in getting his clothing store, Chrisley & Co., off the ground.  If you’re familiar at all with Todd Chrisley, you know that this never actually happens.

The major family drama throughout the second half of season one is about their son Kyle, his past drug issues and his new daughter, Chloe.  Kyle lives with Mama Faye, who isn’t in the season anywhere near enough if you ask me, but Todd and Julie have been working with the baby’s mother Angela to get shared custody of the child so that Kyle can be a part of her life.  Todd and Julie actually end up with shared custody (which later becomes full custody) of Chloe, not Kyle, but they’re working with their son to make sure he’s a part of her life and she has positive role models in her life.  I mean, it’s sweet that they are being a part of her life, but I wonder if it is a ploy just for television.  Either way, you can tell Todd legitimately loves that kid, not as much as he loves Greyson, but he definitely loves her.

It was a short season, and therefore, this is a short recap.  That’s all folks.  Starting season 2 now.