Chrisley’s Corner – Season 4 Episode 17 – You Can’t Handle the Truce


For this episode, we’re revisiting the issues between Todd and Will, who apparently haven’t spoken since that trip to the gun range together.  Todd’s also not happy that Lindsie is at the house and didn’t bring his grandson.

Chrisley agrees to go to lunch with Will so they can discuss the problem, since Lindsie is aiming to have another baby (although if you keep up with celebrity news you know that they are getting divorced currently).

Additionally, Greyson has a crush on a girl, so the episode also follows him asking how to know whether or not a girl is a good girl.

Julie and Todd meet Will and Lindsie for lunch.  I’m actually more excited about it because the wives are there.  Todd acts out more when he has a larger audience.  They didn’t bring Jackson to lunch, which triggers Todd from the get go.  The conversation is incredibly awkward for a while.  “Where’s the part where he apologizes” Todd asks in one of the cutaways.

Across Nashville, Greyson is on a date (with Mama Faye, Savannah, and Lindsie in tow) at a gelato place, and they’re giving him mixed messages about how to approach it.  “Let a playa regulate” – Greyson.  This date is almost as awkward at Todd Chrisley staring daggers at his son in law desperately waiting for an apology.  The Chrisley family is sitting and chiming in every two seconds on his conversation with this little girl.  He’s doing ok.  They should have just left them alone.

But the time has come for Mimi and Papa to visit Todd and Lindsie at home for a meal of some sort.  “Daddy, Papa Todd is my best friend” – Jackson.

Lindsie is up to no good, and she’s plotted for Todd and Will to work together to build a swing set for Jackson.  They get it done quickly, and Todd gets his apology for not asking his permission to marry Lindsie.  They bonded.  It was emotional.  I don’t like that.  I like when Todd is his usual awesome self.

That’s your recap for Season 4 Episode 17 – You Can’t Handle The Truce

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