It’s All About The Game – A Raw Recap (August 29, 2016)


Monday Night Raw comes to you live from some arena in Houston, presumably where the Rockets play but I don’t care enough to look up what the name of it is.  Just know that it’s in Houston, and somehow WWE managed to do something in complete secret and saved surprises from being released on the internet:


Yes, that is Triple H.  He showed up, outta nowhere, and eliminated Roman Reigns by hitting him with the pedigree on the outside then rolling him in for Seth to pin.  He then rolled a downed Kevin Owens into the ring, seemingly to let Seth finish the job.  Seth, after all, is Trips’ protege, the one intended to carry on his legacy, the one who was gifted the Pedigree (the move held most sacred in WWE).  Then WWE shocked us again as H put the boot to Rollins, stared long and hard at Owens in a “you see what’s happening here, right?” manner, then delivered a massive Pedigree and got out of the way.  Stunned, Owens moved forward and got the pin, and the Prizefighter has the newest prize in the game, the WWE Universal Championship.

Sorry Daisy.

The Other Stuff (that didn’t mean as much):

Bayley and New Day against The Club and Dana Brooke: The faces picked up the win, but now we’ve already gotten twerking unicorn horn Bayley.

The Gift of Jericho: Drink it in man…..It!  Jericho defeated Neville in a decent match and we got another Tom Phillips interview as well.  Good night for ol’ Y2J.

Sami Zayn beat that Kali Ma guy from Temple of Doom: What else can I say about that one?  They’re sort of wasting Sami Zayn.  It’s like the Kevin Owens feud was the only idea they had and now he’s stuck in Cesaroland.

Squashfest 2016 Continues:  Braun and Nia Jax both had matches against people you’ve never heard of and will never see again.

Sheamus is up 2-0 on Cesaro: So Cesaro is now the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

Stephanie McMahon has the power:  Unless you ask Paul Heyman, in which case Brock Lesnar has the power.

Titus and Darren wrestled again:  It still wasn’t great.

The show wasn’t bad.  Smackdown Live is just a better produced and run outfit.