Making Cruiserweight – One Week In


With the DietBet starting last Friday, today marks the end of our first week.  Let’s take a look at the leaderboard.  With 7 Players in the challenge for August (for a total pot of $224), everyone is doing pretty well.  We’ve got everyone somewhere between the 35-45% mark of their total goal, which is a fantastic achievement in the first week, should make the final three weeks a little easier to knock out.

And how am I doing on my personal Making Cruiserweight challenge for myself?  I started last week with a weigh in of 228.4, and as of this morning I’m down to 223.8.  That’s just shy of five pounds in one week, an achievement I can definitely be proud of.  What’s even better?  I’ve managed to stick to my goals and I’ve only taken one rest day, and my muscles that had gone all soft and gooey have begun to show more definition and take their shape again in just one week.  So what’s next?

We’re going to amp the weight up a bit, but with that, I have to be careful with my chronic lower back issues, so I’m also joining a Yoga gym, like legitimately joining with the monthly payment commitment and everything.  That shit ain’t cheap.  The goal is to strengthen my core and drastically improve my flexibility for a greater ease in a range of motions and better overall weightlifting workouts.  And why am I amping it up after just a week?  Well, the other day I was given the green light to apply to the wrestling academy in Cobb County if I am able to successfully complete this challenge by the end of the year.  205 may be a little harder to hit with the added mass building, but I’m fairly certain it will still sound like a good idea if I look like Seth Rollins on Jan. 1.  Well, from the neck down.  As an added incentive to myself for this challenge, as long as I stay on target I’m not shaving or cutting my hair, sort of my version of the playoff beard you see baseball players grow out, or that ridiculous DILLIGAF vibe that you see in Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason:


Let me tell you, the Afro is just about there already.  The beard is going to take some dedication.  Is it weird that a football player looks like a smaller version of Michael Cudlitz?

Anyway, Amazon released the new Funkos two weeks early, so I went ahead and ordered them all.  I’m rewarding myself with the Kevin Owens one just because I’ve really kicked ass this past week+ and now I’ve got a significantly heightened purpose here.  Also because I have to keep working to get that sweet Fitzpatrick look.

Those in the challenge, keep up the good work.  Those not in the challenge, a new one will start the first week of September (after you’ve gotten your Labor Day bloating on).  Keep an eye out and wish me luck.