The Dark Match Wants You!


At The Dark Match, we’ve worked hard over the course of the last year to bring you articles that are not only informative but are also entertaining.  While we very much love all the content we put together for the site and for you to read and enjoy, there is also a lot of content that should/could be created that we simply do not have time in our day for.  We don’t get paid for any of this, though hopefully in the future we might, so we do this in addition to our day jobs.  But we want to grow, and we want to provide new and exciting content on a weekly basis for our readers and to further establish ourselves as a legitimate internet wrestling community, not just two dudes who wanted to do a podcast so we created a website to make it seem more credible.

I am currently hiring writers on a freelance basis to provide these articles:

  • Weekly TNA Recaps/Updates
  • Weekly NXT Recaps/Updates
  • Other Articles as we see the need

Articles will pay $10 each, and will be subject to minimum length requirements (No longer than my typical Raw Recap).  Interested parties must have a love for pro wrestling and a desire to contribute to the internet wrestling community.  For more information, e-mail me at  To be considered, you will be asked to write a short sample article just to confirm that you have a simple grasp of the English language and can do basic writing tasks like construct sentences and spell most words.  Essentially it is a literacy test.  That sounds terrible, but as I’m transitioning into a copy editing role as I bring in more writers it just benefits me to pay people who will not make my life more difficult.  This sample article will be simple, and will require an applicant to watch either a Superstars or Main Event episode (which is only two short matches anyway) and recap them.

Candidates who are not initially selected will be informed as such, but will be kept in consideration as we continue to grow and add more content to the site.

I will also be accepting article submissions for the Getting to Know the Indies section of our site.  Articles will highlight an independent wrestler by giving a history of their careers as well as providing links to great matches or moves in their wrestling careers.  These articles will additionally pay $10 as they are selected and used on the site.

I know, $10 is not a lot, but if you’re already watching the content, it’s $10 you wouldn’t have made for that time, and I don’t get paid for this, so I’m coming completely out of pocket to help get this content out there for the consumption of others.

E-mail me at for more information.